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I'm it! Yes, I've been tagged and it's probably because I'm so slow or couldn't find my shoes fast enough...So, here are 6 of my many quirks, or quarks?

My awesomely shaved and manicured friend with a very organized closet, tagged me and this is the result, thanks Natalie :)1.  I don't know if this is a quirk or a pet peeve, but I hate finding dirty dishes in the sink, especially the side with the garbage disposer.  It's like an instant turn off.  Whatever romance that in some domesticated female's life may have existed in the chore of doing dishes, for me, instantly dries up on such a sight.  By the way, if I were to turn my head to the left by 45 degrees I'd see such a sight, so I guess I just won't look that way, "out of sight, out of mind."2.  I'm a 'complete' book series-ist.  I've decided that I cannot read a book or start one in which the author has not yet finished the series.  It's just plain annoying not having closure when one closes the book.  I thought I was safe when I started the Artemis Fowl books, and now I have to wait for another!  This budding conviction started aft…

Jurassic Trials

We were watching the gymnastics Olympic trials the other day and Reed was having a hard time pronouncing and remembering the word gymnastics. Today, while he was watching something, I guess there was an ad for the gymnastics trials, so, knowing how much I like watching them he called out to let me know they were on, "Mommy, the Jurassics are on!" I suppose that's what they would call it if I were competing in the events. "Here comes Tyrannosaurus Becks, ha, ha, did you see that Bob?  She can't even reach her arms up to the bar!"

Shark Bites

This morning we were watching the news and they were doing a story on great White shark attacks on humans in California. Reed and Douglas wanted to know if the people died. One did and the other one just got bit, but survived. This was just a deposit into their brain to be collected and sorted with their other thoughts throughout the day.Later, while driving in the car, of course, we got onto the subject of rats. If I'd been paying attention I'm sure I'd know why, but I wasn't. So, they asked me 1. how big is the biggest rat? 2. Do rats bite? 3. Mommy, are you afraid of rats? 4. How big is the smallest rat? My answers: 1. I was going to say an R.O.U.S., but instead I said "I don't know" 2. Yes, rats bite 3. Yes, because they can bite and they can carry diseases and flees. 4. very small. So this leaves the unanswered question concerning the largest rat. I wish I could find some kind of device to position on my dash board like a GPS but with Wikipedia info …


Strawberries…what a delectably juicy and delicious fruit! The very smell of strawberries (and watermelon) creates instant memories of summertime and picnicking. On Friday, which happened to be the first day of summer, the boys and I went strawberry picking with some friends. After about an hour of picking we gathered 8.5 lbs of strawberries. By that time my back was killing, my fingers were dyed red, Isaac had squished several plants, berries included, the minors had all consumed a plethora of their pickings (how do you pay for those?), and Reed was ticked off at the plants that were poking his legs.  See the result of our hard work!  If you come over you may taste it too!15 jars of strawberry jam!!!  I feel so domesticated, even pioneer womanish!

"It takes a village..." get your refrigerator repaired.

We live in a quaint 1968 Colonial style townhouse community called The Village. Whenever we need to get something fixed or pay our monthly fees we will refer to those repairmen or management as "The Village People." For some reason, perhaps the reference to a late 1970's music group that sings about the YMCA, I have never been that comfortable with that title for our community helpers. The YMCA is actually a place where I exercise on rare occasions and take the boys to their swimming lessons, but we never sing about it on our way over. In fact, I would much prefer "Are We There Yet?" by Elmo.My clever boy Reed has a talent for naming things how they should be named. He calls hotels "hotellos", it has a much more romantic sound to it, Italian in a way. He calls people who are not Kindergartners "graders," a much simpler term than I've ever heard. Now my favorite, and the solution to my "Village People" dilemma, is that he refers…

Confabulations with the Relations

That word 'confabulation' is a great word! The twisted mind that I have instantly thought of a word that sounded kind of like it, but started with 'flat'. Its definition comes nowhere near the gutter my mind fell into upon this verbal introduction. It quite innocently means: to converse informally, chat. I guess it's a psychiatry term and is used like so: "to engage in confabulation." Still, I don't think I could keep a strait face and properly balance on the doctor's couch if he were to ask me to sit still and confabulate with him.Anyway, my mom, grandma Poet, and aunt Jodi all came for a quick visit on their way to Prince Edward Island/Anne of Green Gables land (Where's Gilbert?). We had some very serious and some very not so serious moments of confabulation. I wonder if conblabulate would be a more accurate word for conversing informally. I wish English gave genders to its nouns because I bet a conblabulation would be feminine. …

Color Theory with Miss Bessy Belch

This morning I was observing as Chris was looking for a tie to go with his pants. I congratulated him on his choice of tie and told him they went well together. He said, "look I matched the blue in the tie with my blue pants." He was surprised when I told him that his pants were black and that the color in his tie which he thought was blue, was really gray. We both were correct in his ability to dress himself, but if the women at work were to compliment him on his nice black pants and yellow and gray tie, he would be quite confused."The most common form of color blindness is inherited. However color blindness can also be caused by diseases such as macular degeneration, poisoning and side effects of medication. Women are usually the 'carriers' of the defect which is passed on through a defective x chromosome. It is mostly men who inherit color blindness, affecting about 1 in 20 men for every 1 in 200 women."Pasted from <…

Mommy, what killed the dinosaurs?

This morning after my walk in the liquid air that surrounds our dry fish bowl, I was not feeling very good at all. I was achy all over and I didn't even exert myself all that much, "baby steps" around the block. Because I don't take illnesses gracefully, I complained. The thing is, I rarely get sick and the majority of my "sickness" only happens once a month, and a hefty dose of Motrin saves the day (well that, a diet coke and chocolate). Reed, upon hearing me complain, tried to empathize and told me "I think I'm going extinct." Well, maybe that's what's happening to me. Reed has a very impressive vocabulary and his usage is usually pretty close. In this case, he nailed the word right on the head.Reed slowly going extinct.The global conditions that are causing our extinction today include: an increase in humidity, a substance that the Russians call "Pookh" (some white tree stuff that's been flying around giving the appear…

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

Lately, I've noticed as the boys have gotten taller and their heads have started to reach the height of my hips, that my girth has gotten wider. Reed just walked by me through a doorway this morning and I thought we could both pass unscathed, but the poor boy got knocked in the head by this seemingly ever increasing section of my body. I apologized but he didn't seem to notice the head jarring, almost like it's a frequent occurrence, and went on in his intended direction, hmm. This is a problem. For the last7 years of my life, the only time I've gotten a full glance of the direction my post child bearing body has taken, has been in the reflection of a glass door or in a dressing room mirror. I didn't really know what my hips were doing, for as far as my reflection went all that existed of me was from my waist up. Small bathroom mirrors, I believe, could be one of the culprits in unchecked weight gain. I guess there could be other reasons that have lead to this prob…

Sanity Wipes

How is a person to enforce good manners when bad manners are so funny? The boys were just laughing and making a song about wedgies to the tune of Old MacDonald. Instead of a "moo-moo- here and a moo-moo there", the words were "and a Stinker Sound Made With Mouth Sounds here (SSMWMS - not to be mistaken with WMD's)) and an SSMWMS there…" I made the mistake of saying, "Please don't talk about that, it's not very funny" and then they started laughing. I'm obviously wrong, it must be pretty funny or they wouldn't be laughing. Maybe the That-isn't-very-funny clause should be taken out of the Teaching Manners guide (which I didn't get, I'm just going on memory). Really, some of the gross things boys think are funny really can be funny. This is Kermit the Frog interviewing Old MacDonald concerning the new lyrics to his famous tune.  He does not look happy, nor is he laughing.  See, I was right, it wasn't funny!We went to the t…

Peonies, how do you say that word?

I took a few pictures of our neighbor's peonies as mine haven't bloomed yet. I hope he didn't mind, but he has the nicest boarder of them along his house. He seems pretty nice and just a little bit weird. I actually don't think I'd mind being described that way by someone, beats other descriptions of personalities I've heard. He's about 60 and lives with his mother and spends almost everyday of the summer sunbathing in his speedo for all of his neighbors to see. Hasn't he heard of skin cancer? He's a little to old to use the excuse of curing a bit of jaundice with the sun. Whatever his reason, go does grow some beautiful flowers for which I'm grateful.

I took this picture of Isaac on the playground near the flowers.

The Loch Ness Driver

I never thought it would be possible to live in a city of about 119,000 people and know who the slowest driver in the city was and see him at least once a month living up to his title. I know he is the slowest, not only from my observations, but because there are others including Chris, who have also seen him. He is the Loch Ness monster of Lansing but you have to be going at least 5 miles below the speed limit in a 30 mile an hour zone or you'll never see him. Those who go any faster will only see a blue blur and perhaps a hand with a particular finger extended blocking your view. He drives a Ford Crown Victoria which is the same car used by the police department. He even has all the extra antennae that a cop would have, but with a plethora of stickers. I'm surprised I don't have them memorized as one would have plenty of safe reading time going his preferred speed. If he were to drive up behind you in that dark blue color you'd swear you were being pursued, except f…

Digging while on the run

The following is about 3 minutes of conversation on our way home from school. Just an average session with Dr. Minivan. I'm sure I'd understand the root of these conversations if I wasn't paying attention to the road while driving.
Reed: Construction workers work the hardest.

Mom: Well, I don't know about that. I think firemen, policemen, and soldiers work pretty hard too. (in the back of my mind I'm thinking that weird guy who works for that Discover channel 'Dirty Jobs' works the hardest of all, or at least is the most insane. Actually that Man vs. Wild guy works pretty hard too).

Reed: But who works the hardest?

Mom: Maybe soldiers because they have to be really strong and brave so they can fight the bad guys.

Douglas: I think paleontologists work the hardest because they have to dig for dinosaurs all day.

Reed: If someone jumped off that pole would they die? (he has lost interest in the worker subject).

Douglas: Definitely

Isaac: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...(…

Smiles and a major laughing fit!

This is another video from my cousin Jayme. Where does she get these things? They certainly keep me crackin' up and some days I really need it. Talk about an addictive laugh! Enjoy!