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Peter Piper picked a Pepper, a Petite Person, and Participle Practicing People.

Back to SchoolAh, the first day of school.  I was one of those kids who looked forward to the 1st day of school.  I have since discovered that I do not have children that appreciate the thrill of seeing where you sit, meeting your new teacher, pulling out the box of unspoiled crayons, or browsing the decorated walls and letter pictures which travel the perimeter of the room.  Oh, and the new outfit and lunch box; mine was blue with a Care Bear on the font.  The oldest two boys were ambivalent about the experience, but we practically had to drag Isaac off of the top bunk and put his shirt on his inert form.On the other hand, my first day of them going back to school was glorious!  Instead of the summer odds of 5 to 1, my chances of survival are now 2 to 1.Douglas 10 1/2 in 5th GradeIsaac 7 in 2nd GradeReed 10 1/2 in 5th Grade______________________________________________________________________Baby CutenessBaby Caleb, his mom, and sisters came for a visit the other day.  We love him so…