Jurassic Trials


We were watching the gymnastics Olympic trials the other day and Reed was having a hard time pronouncing and remembering the word gymnastics. Today, while he was watching something, I guess there was an ad for the gymnastics trials, so, knowing how much I like watching them he called out to let me know they were on, "Mommy, the Jurassics are on!" I suppose that's what they would call it if I were competing in the events. "Here comes Tyrannosaurus Becks, ha, ha, did you see that Bob?  She can't even reach her arms up to the bar!"



Melisa said…
That picture is disturbing. ;)

You crack me up. I have the weakest arms ever. But I guess you know that having witnessed me collapse on them in cardio class...
Sorensens said…
hehehehe, that is pretty cute, I just love some of the things kids come up with and of course your pictures are always a good laugh too.
Natalie said…
I'm about to wet my pants because I'm laughing so hard. Your kids say the funniest things and I loved your T-Becks comment. You really should start a radio show or be a blogger for some major media outlet. You are the best writer!

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