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Yellow and Blue make green

Chris and I were sitting in the living room when Douglas jumped into the room and announced that yellow and blue make green. Chris wondered what brought on the declaration of that fact. I started to sing a song they know about colors in case that was the root of the statement. I forgot that I had just cleaned the toilet a half an hour earlier and left the cleaner which is blue to sit in the water. Chris then asked Douglas if he just went to the bathroom and he had. Yes, yellow and blue do make green.

Basement Animals

Here's some pictures and a video of the boys having a great time in the basement. They are so clever and animated. Isaac will do anything his older brothers do and with the same amount of enthusiasm. He will say anything too and is learning to make some of his own sentences. Speaking of animals, Douglas and I made our trek to the zoo on Tuesday. I had a great time one on one with him. Each of our kids are so much fun to spend time with, especially when they can have our complete attention. Douglas got to take a ride on a camel and we saw two tigers playing. There was one chewing on a tire while her brother quietly climbed up on a rock and then pounced her. It's a rare thing to see the zoo cats awake on a day visit, but quite fun. On our way out we walked by the Mandrills and they were both awake too. One was keeping quite entertained chewing some green spearmint gum. It looked like the Extra brand. He chewed then dangled it out of his mouth then slurped it back up…

Prancing Peacocks...

Isaac and I went to the Potter Zoo on Tuesday with our friends Cindy and Adam. We had a great time walking around and experiencing all the different smells one can partake of at the zoo. "Eeee-oooo" as Isaac says in such a situation. I get to go to the zoo again next week for Douglas' school field trip, and then again for Reed's. Can't they all just do it on one day?! The two most interesting parts of our zoo experiences were the otters and the peacocks. When we first got to the zoo the otters were asleep so we thought we'd just check them out on the way out. When we approached the tank for the second time it was hard to see them as a large group of elementary students were crowding the place. We finally squeezed in for a look. They were moving all over the place. The were dancing, no they were wrestling, no. . . "eeeee-ooooo"! They were giving the 1st graders a lesson on the birds and bees!
Now, the peacocks and peahens were roaming the…

It's a Blog!

I finally have one of these blogs. I was a little confused when people started talking about them like maybe there was a new form of a bad head cold. So...let's see how this works. Me and all the boys are busy doing whatever it is we do. All I know is that at about 4:00pm I'm about dead and strangely morph into one of those dogs that paces the front window, wiping it's slobbery nose all over it, and with great intensity awaits Chris' return. When that glorious moment arrives I run like mad to a quiet place. You know, like Target or Lowe's (I love hardware stores).

I consider myself the queen of the run-on sentence, so be prepared for the chaos if you read my blog (oooo...I used those words "my blog"- yes I know I'm wierd so stop saying it).

Life is going well here in Lansing. But it is nice to get out once in a while. Yesterday we went to Holland, MI (very foreign) to see the tulips. There are 5 million of them according to the sign. Along…