Peonies, how do you say that word?

I took a few pictures of our neighbor's peonies as mine haven't bloomed yet. I hope he didn't mind, but he has the nicest boarder of them along his house. He seems pretty nice and just a little bit weird. I actually don't think I'd mind being described that way by someone, beats other descriptions of personalities I've heard. He's about 60 and lives with his mother and spends almost everyday of the summer sunbathing in his speedo for all of his neighbors to see. Hasn't he heard of skin cancer? He's a little to old to use the excuse of curing a bit of jaundice with the sun. Whatever his reason, go does grow some beautiful flowers for which I'm grateful.

I took this picture of Isaac on the playground near the flowers.


Melisa said…
Those are so pretty!
Welch Mom said…
Peeonies is how I say it, but people out west say it Peoonies. Whatever way you say it they are pretty. I have some in my yard as well.
Natalie said…
Love the flowers, don't know how to say the name. Shows you what an English education at BYU gets you, huh? :) Isaac is the cutest litte guy I've ever seen. Maybe Karli and Isaac could get married one day and have the wildest children on the planet? I'd love to have you for an in-law!
jakeandlacey said…
Hooray for spring! (and almost summer!) I love flowers! I need to spend some time in the flower beds here, it looks like the little roses out front are about to overtake the irises!

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