Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...


Lately, I've noticed as the boys have gotten taller and their heads have started to reach the height of my hips, that my girth has gotten wider. Reed just walked by me through a doorway this morning and I thought we could both pass unscathed, but the poor boy got knocked in the head by this seemingly ever increasing section of my body. I apologized but he didn't seem to notice the head jarring, almost like it's a frequent occurrence, and went on in his intended direction, hmm. This is a problem. For the last7 years of my life, the only time I've gotten a full glance of the direction my post child bearing body has taken, has been in the reflection of a glass door or in a dressing room mirror. I didn't really know what my hips were doing, for as far as my reflection went all that existed of me was from my waist up. Small bathroom mirrors, I believe, could be one of the culprits in unchecked weight gain. I guess there could be other reasons that have lead to this problem, for instance the fact that I'm having a slice of my birthday cake for breakfast, naaahhh, that couldn't be it. Definitely a lack of a full length mirror is to blame.

It was my 32nd I mean 23rd birthday yesterday and our very nice friend, Chris Rogers, watched our boys while Chris and I went out on a date to dinner and a movie (date: [deyt] "is when you pretend you don't have children" from Douglas' Dictionary) . We tried out a new restaurant called Smokey Bones. As we sat eating some very messy ribs and were "pretending we didn't have children" we recalled the night we took the boys to TGIFridays and Douglas, after daringly trying ribs for the first time, asked "Who's ribs are these?" This question set the lone and rather stoic looking business man sitting near us into a state of laughter. We assured Douglas that they didn't belong to anybody we knew.


After dinner we decided to go watch Narnia:  Prince Caspian again which was like seeing it for the first time as the last time we saw it was with the boys. That first time we didn't realize how long of a movie it would be and half way through the timer on Isaac's attention span went off. So, besides walking around and hopping up the theater's carpeted steps, he would wait for the quiet spots with quiet dialog to express his 2 syllabled statement of "rib-it", repeated over and over again. Needless to say, we got so much more out of the movie this time and found out how it ended and there were no frogs saying "rib-it."


Well, I got spoiled on that special day, so thank you. I think one of my favorite presents was the one Douglas gave me. He handed me the box to our inflatable pool and on it he wrote "To: Mom From: Douglas" and taped it shut. I opened it to find a lovely black wallet. It was actually my old wallet which I haven't used in a long time, but it was perfect. So, I transferred all of my current wallet contents into the "new" wallet. Kids are sooooo cute!  Well, not so much today, but those special moments add greatly to their likability.  Like the rose and its thorns, or the chocolate with its fat, or the camel with its spit, the fluffy dog with it's bad breath, or the unicorn with it's pointy horn, or Edward with his appetite for Bella's blood......Anyway...


Melisa said…
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! It sounds like it was great!

This is what I do: take down all of the full-length mirrors in the house and avoid looking in any windows or doors that have reflections. I even gave away my scale. :)
The Earls said…
Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great night. I do agree, those mirrors are not very nice.
Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Becky!! I am so glad you emailed me. I can't believe it has taken this long to get in touch!!! And yes, I do feel closer to you knowing that we are on the same time zone :) It's 4pm here and it's 4pm where you are too! :) I love it!! Your boys are soooooo handsome!!! How fun to have 3 of them!!! Well, I sure miss you and your family... I probably see your mom the most though and Dani and I keep in touch with over the phone... You guys are awesome. I love your blogs. They are always so creative and fun. I am still learning the whole blogger thing, but I am getting better at it. Hope you are all just wonderful!! Talk to you soon!!!!!!!!
Sorensens said…
Happy Birthday. It sounds like you guys had a fun day. I love reading your blog it makes me laugh all the time, so thanks for the good laughs again today.
Natalie said…
I'm glad you got to have a fun night of pretending you don't have children and hanging out with Chris. You totally deserve it! :) I agree with you 100% that small mirrors are to blame for the physical atrophy of women. Ignorance is bliss, though, right? I think small mirrors are the only way I've survived my pregnancies. I say we should all eat birthday cake for breakfast as long as it's hanging around the kitchen!

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