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Free Range Children

Coop-free chickensI fear I have raised free range children. It started when I could no longer keep Isaac strapped in a high chair at around 1 year old. To my ultimate horror, the kid could walk by 8 1/2 months at which point my pocket full of sanity got ripped. Isaac is now 3 and follows his 2 six year old brothers everywhere and in everything. For instance, on occasion, mommy will reprimand Douglas or Reed for saying a naughty word in Isaac's presence and then Isaac will start shouting the word intermingled with laughter. I can't win! I believe I need to start treating my children like the free range children they are by herding them into good behavior. The free range metaphor was thought of while trying to coral them back into their seats during meal time. Isaac, in this case, was the trend setter for this leaving the table and running around with food in his hand thing. Reed and Douglas thought they could too since their little brother could. This misconception of "pri…

From Michigan to Utah armed with Cheetos, Diet Coke, and a sedative called DVD Player

Michigan:Friends in Michigan who will be really missed. (Reed got stuck with an Oreo in his mouth)Good bye to lush green forests of maples, sparkling fire flies, Lake Michigan, pasties - (n. [pas-tees] - A pie or turnover, especially one filled with seasoned meat or fish), wonderful friends, the Slowest Driver in Lansing, Ludington, really bad roads, the YMCA, Michigan State University, parks, and much, much more. I got a bit weepy as we drove out of our townhouse parking lot and I thought of how much Michigan had felt like home for these past three years of law school. Now we are done and on our way to Utah, a grueling bar exam, and then hopefully, and soon, a job. These last few days and weeks have been filled with all kinds of emotions concerning our future and basically can be summed up as existing in a state of limbo.Well, we managed to leave the parking lot and get on the road not at our 9am goal but at about 4:30pm. Mike and Melissa (Chris' brother and his wife) volunteered…

Isaac in denial of turning 3, "No! I'm 2!"

I think it finally started to set in when he got to blow out 3 candles instead of two.  Mommy was very proud of this cake.  Because all of the cake pans were packed all I had was a batter bowl and with the advice and instructions from a few friends I was able to bake my cake in it.  The volcano turned out great, or at least great for the eyes and imaginations of boys 6 and under.  Reed and Douglas were in charge of the dinosaurs on the verge of extinction.  In the end none of them survived.That really had to hurt.


"Als Gregor Samsa eines Morgens aus unruhigen Träumen erwachte, fand er sich in seinem Bett zu einem ungeheueren Ungeziefer verwandelt."(As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous vermin).I've joined a cardio workout class with my friend Melisa, faithfully attending 3 days a week. I totally recommend getting out of "the Machine" room and exploring the other sweat infested rooms of the gym. I've gotten a much more thorough workout with the jumping around, stepping, and faux boxing then I ever did confined to my Eliptical. Not that I plan to completely abandon the Eliptical for we have had a great relationship and I have gotten many a book read while in its presence. But, if you don't move other parts of your body, you discover, quite to your surprise and disgust, that you have muscles in other places that have atrophied to the point of deflation. Of course, with any unexplored territo…

Independence Day

"Oh say can you" hear?We had a wonderful holiday celebrating our freedom in this wonderful country. Our very nice friends, the Tews, invited us over for dinner and fireworks. Our legal fireworks consisted of the innocent fountains, Pop-its, and Sparklers. Thankfully, I was treated to some midnight entertainment by our not- so- law- abiding neighbors up the street who must have gone to Indiana for some not so innocent fireworks (the Wyoming of the East). It sure was beautiful seeing them in the sky just 150 feet from my bedroom window. Jolly Good Show Dad! Do it again! Every good light display deserves a round of applause.Great view from down here.How sweet is my sweety?Sure do love that manual function on the camera, thanks for pointing that out Naomi. (By the way, Naomi rocks! She taught me how to make homemade soap too, the kind where you use lye,very cool).What kind of 4th of a July would it be without watermelon?Douglas kept asking me why I wouldn't touch the …

This was right before the house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. She had the cutest ruby slippers!

Michigan sure knows how to have a beautiful and very dramatic storm. I love how the thunder just goes on and on for miles.  I'm going to miss so many things about this state like trees, rain, Lake Michigan, the farmland, and pasties from the U.P. (not those kind of pasties, get your mind out of the gutter).  We'll be moving to Utah on the 16th and I'm so sad about it. We're going to also miss so many of you, actually all of you, well, maybe not the slowest guy in Lansing (see earlier blog entry) or the horrible roads.   Don't ask us what our plans are yet as the only ones we are certain about is that we are moving and that we'll be living in my parents house in So. Ogden, for which we are very grateful.  We still have to sell our townhouse and find that vital life sustaining thing called a job. I'll let all the readers of this blog know when either of the last two happen.  There will be much rejoicing, jumping in the air and clicking of heels on that day.