Wednesday, August 31, 2011


IMG_8603 [800x600]

“What?  Doesn’t everyone look this adorable right after a nap?”

This week Chris is in San Francisco for a work conference and I am alone with my kids in South Ogden for an insane asylum exam and I am passing and graduating with honors.  I have no clue, absolutely none, how a single mom does it.  All I know is, they ought to be granted Knighthood, not Ladyhood because they never seem to get the same amount of credit.  Knighthood should be gender neutral, after all, we don’t call Elton John Lady…sorry…one can’t be responsible for politically incorrect statements while under the influence of several legal substances, 5 to be exact.  Maybe sainthood is a more accurate term in the case of the single mother. 

I don’t think this week would have been as bad as I’m perceiving it if it hadn’t been the first full week of school with loads of homework already.  One of my kids has a hard time focusing in class and so has to bring his work home to finish.  I spend 2 to 3 hours a night trying to keep him on task while hitting my own head against the table.  I don’t know why I do that, but it seems to help.

Tonight I did an idiotic thing and started canning peaches.  I bought a whole bushel today because I thought I might miss the season and they’d all be gone.  I didn’t know it at the time, but that thought was a subliminal message piped into my little brain by the insane asylum’s testing center and I fell for it.

IMG_8622 [800x600]

Well, I am off to make sure the three boys have actually climbed into their beds and aren’t on the floor playing with Legos.  After that I’m going to unwind by turning on today’s Netflix dvd, Chuck –very funny series so far, while I fold laundry.  I will then “forget” cleaning up my mess in the kitchen…maybe…and then go to bed.   I’ll let you know the results of my asylum test either from here or from my future cell.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

They’re back! In school I mean.

Yes, this is the back to school picture and this year I actually managed to take the picture on the first day of school, not the third.  As a special gift to their parents, they all willingly showered.  Boys.

IMG_8550 [800x600]

IMG_8554 [800x600]

Reed and Douglas are now in the 4th grade and are on the other side of school, where the 5th and 6th graders are, and I think they think they are pretty cool now.  In this case, “cool” is actually quite literal because only their side of this building built in the 60s and the other part in the 80s (I think), has air conditioning.  Poor Isaac has to survive on oscillating fans and bottles of water for survival.  Poor 1st graders.

IMG_8557 [800x600]

Oh, Isaac just loves school now!  The highlight is recess and lunch!  He’s got a Clone Wars lunch box, so totally awesome!

IMG_8560 [800x600]

Office work

IMG_8549 [800x600]

“Hi, this is my desk, and as you can see, I’m really quite busy.  I still haven’t knocked down all of the pictures, taken the pens or scissors from their holder, and this lamp, what in the world is it doing on my desk?  So, anyway, if you don’t mind, I’ve got to get back to work before my mommy comes in and thwarts all of my hard work.”

IMG_8545 [800x600]

“Let’s see, where did I put those two paper clips…oh, ya, I swallowed them.  My mommy will find them tomorrow and I’m sure she’ll give them back.”

Wait for it…wait for it…

IMG_8520 [800x600]

“So, when do you think daddy will be home?  Mommy thinks around 6 pm.  What do you want to bet it’s later?”

IMG_8528 [800x600]IMG_8529 [800x600]

Yes, I do try to comb and even put a pony tail in miss Miri’s hair.  Wild thing!


Outside…outside…outside…why don’t my parents understand what I’m saying?

IMG_8479 [800x600]

These are the best thighs on the planet!

IMG_8487 [800x600]

This was the highlight of outdoor playing.  The hose, one of the most wonderful toys ever invented.  My water bill was…hmmm…painful, yes that’s the word.

IMG_8489 [800x600]

IMG_8493 [800x600]

Reed is a wonderful older brother, as are Douglas and Isaac, and loves to make his two little sisters laugh.  If a giggle is the payment, they will sacrifice their bodies for it.

IMG_8496 [800x600]

IMG_8498 [800x600]

IMG_8504 [800x600]

IMG_8505 [800x600]

Bath time.  This is what comes after what goes on in the previous picture.  Thank goodness for indoor plumbing and soap.  What you see on those plates was, within a minute, in the air or strewn about the floor and chairs.  Ants love our babies generosity.

IMG_8507 [800x600]

IMG_8516 [800x600]

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fish lake

I’ve failed my camera, my addiction, my large selection by not taking my usual million pictures on this vacation. Really, when I got home and looked at my pictures from our trip to Fish Lake, I was stunned to see so few. I suppose watching 3 wild boys and 2 one year old babies is a bit much to balance and I wonder now why I even tried to take pictures at all? It’s a miracle my camera wasn’t dropped into the lake and taken over by a troop of paparazzi fish looking for that million dollar picture that would at last get them out of their current fishing hole and into an unknown thriving fish community stocked with power bait with no strings, or hooks, attached.


IMG_8403 [800x600]

We had a great time even with the monster storms during the night.  I must brag that I made the BEST Dutch Apple Crisp one of the nights, mmmmmmm.  

We were all thoroughly filthy in the end but glad for the time spent with the fam. (Jared & Rhi Family, My fam. minus Chris, my mom and dad, aunt Jodi, and our friend Juliana from Brazil). 

IMG_8407 [800x600]IMG_8408 [800x600]

IMG_8419 [800x600]

IMG_8436 [800x600]


IMG_8443 [800x600]

IMG_8427 [800x600]

In the end, I had to keep unloading various sized sticks from my car.  This place was awesome-stick heaven for the boys and they felt that they had to bring all they could, back.  There is still a vertebra of some creature in Reed and Isaac’s backpacks which I have not yet had the guts to remove.

IMG_8455 [800x600]

Lucy, with who knows what treasure of nature, wrapped up in her shirt.  Kids are awesome!

IMG_8456 [800x600]

Juliana from Brazil.  We are so glad she came.

Roses are red and Storm troopers are blue.

My English rose (forgot it’s real name, but that’s what I call it, and I make sure to use a British accent when I refer to it) and my Double Delight are looking fabulous today!  I have no recollection as to what that yellow flower is but I think the word “button” is in it’s title.


The picture below doesn’t have the same air of joy and serenity as the picture collection above but, this scene was also found in my garden and made me smile and even snort a bit.  Not a very lady like thing to do in front of the roses, but totally appropriate in front of one of Isaac’s creations.  Sarlacc got a good meal this afternoon.



Friday, August 5, 2011

An Exclusive: Contents of my refrigerator revealed!

Two happy babies, cooling their bottoms on the refrigerator’s floor, feeling quite content and like champions as they see their mom who has not yet removed them and shut the door on them.  “Nice lady,” one of them says, “how long do you think this will last?” asks the other.  “Not much longer, hurry, look extra cute so she leaves the door open for a few more minutes!”

IMG_8388 [640x480]

IMG_8392 [640x480]

IMG_8391 [640x480]

IMG_8393 [640x480]

Once more domesticated

At last, I finally stopped leaving my fur on the furniture, stopped soiling the carpets, and have learned to keep the food in and over the bowl, oh, and I started quilting and making jam again.  My sister has an apricot tree loaded with the delicious fruit and she’s given me two bags full to use how I will.  I made jam and syrup (the syrup was a mistake but still functional and tasty).  The jam turned out perfectly and the first jar is nearly gone.  I can hardly wait for the tomatoes to get ripe for salsa.   I’m really a beginner when it comes to vegetable gardens and get such a thrill when things ripen for the picking and really peeved when I find a bug treating my labors like his own open market.  Along with dealing with the demise of bugs, I learned you need to plant several rows of corn together so they can help each other in the pollinating process but, miraculously, even my two short rows have 5 red silk topped ears growing out of the stalks’ sides.

IMG_8367 [640x480]

As for the quilts, I am in the process of using up the fabric I already have.  It’s been so fun, trying to see what will go with what.  I’ve been working on a scrap quilt, soooo fun and soooo easy, and will show it once I finish it.  My sister Dani just had her birthday and I was able to put together a  nap/throw blanket for her.

IMG_8376 [640x480]

I loved this one so much I almost kept it for myself.  Don’t those fabrics just say, “happy?”  Who could possibly have a nightmare while cuddled up napping in this garden of poppies, hibiscus, lemons and polka-dots (I’m sure polka-dots could be found somewhere in a garden)?  Sweet dreams Dani and Happy Birthday!

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