Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Teething, Graham Crackers, and brothers…yes, more pictures.

Yes, I’m still taking pictures and with a digital camera there is little accountability to the pocket book.  Perhaps the computer’s memory, but that’s Chris’ concern Smile, the budgeter of computer space.  (I can’t help myself, it too, like sugar, is still an addiction).

IMG_5736 [640x480]IMG_5757 [640x480]

Teethers chew on EVERYTHING!  Elizabeth got her two bottom teeth on New Year’s day and finally, as of today, Miriam is starting to get her bottom teeth.

IMG_5740 [640x480]

IMG_5748 [640x480]

IMG_5765 [640x480]

As you can see, each of the girls has her own remote control, or as we think of it, The Power.

IMG_5769 [640x480]

What does that look mean?

IMG_5776 [640x480]

Hmm, which one first, the left or right?  She actually ended up taking turns going back and forth between the two.

These pictures were taken on Sunday after church.  During church we kept giving them graham crackers and every time we looked down, Miriam had stollen Elizabeth’s cracker.  Yes, she as hungry and had no qualms about taking her sister’s food.

IMG_5777 [640x480] IMG_5787 [640x480]

Miri is actually the smallest of the two but eats the most.  I don’t get it.  It might be because she doesn’t know how to just lie on the floor and chill like her more squeezable sister does.

IMG_5846 [640x480]Isaac 1 [640x480]

Yes, I still take pictures of my boys.  They just aren’t always as willing to stand still long enough for me to capture them on film (or digits Winking smile ).

Isaac shoots me [640x480]

I surrender!

(Reed was, during this photo taking spree, held captive by a Sith Lord or troop of Storm Troopers).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It whispers to me in the night from a dark and devious cupboard…CnH2nOn.

Recently, I’ve been trying to eat healthier and get more exercise.  I’ve been nursing my babies for the past 10 months and my goal is to go the whole year, insane I know, but it’s more, way more, affordable than formula and it’s working for me.  Early on, before they started taking cereal and eventually more solid foods, I had the most voracious appetite.  I actually felt real hunger quite often and took care of it with the recommended calorie intake for a nursing mother.  I once asked a doctor how many calories I should be eating while nursing and she said, “no less than 2500 a day.”  That’s a lot!   Now that they’ve been nursing less and eating solids more, I find that my appetite hasn’t really gone down.  Well, I think it has, but I’m still habitually taking in more calories than I now need, even though the Dr. still recommends that same number.  I’m thinking they need to lower that number.  As I said, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and against the doctor’s orders, am trying to lower my calorie intake.  I’ve found that the hardest part of this challenge is trying to cut sugar out of my diet.

sugar (1)

I have a sugar addiction.  There, it’s out there for all to know.  I don’t think there is more than one step to overcoming this addiction.  I believe it starts with, “put the dang chocolate bar down!”  That’s probably it.  However, I have never felt such cravings as I do now for sugar!  After giving the babies each a piece of graham cracker this morning, I found eating one 1 1/2 inch by 3 inch rectangle of my own, to have been the most delicious thing on the planet and I wanted more!  With reluctance, I put the rest of the packet away and looked for something to do.

A little later, after getting Isaac off to school, the babies and I went out to run a couple of errands.  On the way home, we stopped by Del Taco to use a free taco coupon to take home for Chris.  I gave in, with sneaky ordering and shifty eyes, I got a churro.  I think I must have been hiding from my stronger-willed other personality (I think her name is still Delores). 

Needless to say, I drove home in the company of pure sugar and ultimate bliss!  After I finished it, I felt so good.  The jitters were gone, the craving satisfied, and my taste buds were saying over and over again, “thank you oh kind one with no will power!” The sugar high did it’s job and I felt great.  I couldn’t believe that people actually thought that eating greasy and sugary foods could make a person feel uncomfortable and unhealthy. 

It’s been about two hours since my fix and slowly the feeling of guilt is returning.  I am determined to behave myself for the rest of the day.  Perhaps I voice these thoughts, as the addiction counselors might say, “a cry for help.”  Or maybe it’s to receive empathy from the other addicts out there.  But, there it is for all to see.  All I’ve go to say now, is that I’d better get my butt in gear if I want to fit in a dress for my sister’s wedding.  Ugh…


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Come here, the child with the Cheez-it in his mouth!

Here’s another picture account of my life since words are still pretty much limited to single syllables or sadly misplaced in sentences.  My grammar is starting to take on a German word order, or maybe it’s Latin.  If I ever have to call for one of my kids in a rush, I end up fumbling through all of their names and every time, it’s the last name I say that’s the one I want.  I feel like telling them to not pay attention to who I’m calling until they hear the last name, and that one had better get here in a hurry or else! 

IMG_5591 [640x480]

It’s not possible, a serious face that is on this particular child.  Even in sleep it can’t be to serious either.

IMG_5611 [640x480]

The “bad guys”

IMG_5612 [640x480]

This is Obi-wan Kenobi talking to himself.  There could be some serious psychological issues going on here.

IMG_5622 [640x480]

They always complain that they’re cold and I always tell them to put a shirt on, hmm.

IMG_5661 [640x480]

Douglas being “super bored” and repetitively asking why his teacher keeps making him do homework.  I’ve answered the question many times but this time I told him to take the matter up with his teacher.

IMG_5680 [640x480]

Aunt Erin making sure Izzy is properly held and cuddled.

IMG_5683 [640x480] 

IMG_5726 [640x480]

The big brothers are always the most interesting people in the house and therefore demand all of the baby girls’ attention.

IMG_5673 [640x480]

Conked out mid-play.  Her little paws were still wrapped around her toy as she slept.

IMG_5705 [640x480]

IMG_5706 [640x480]

Miri has started rolling over the pillow barrier and onto the kitchen tile.  They still aren’t crawling and I have no shame in that and rather enjoy the fact.  After Mr. Isaac starting to walk at 7 1/2 months, this limited mobility of rolling all over the place is so much better!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Number 2 and Number 26 plus some snow and puffs

  Theodore Roosevelt                     John Adams

IMG_5537 [640x480]IMG_5545 [640x480]

Reed and Douglas each gave a report on a president in February.  Thanks to DI and aunt Jodi’s awesome costume supply we were able to attire the two presidents for their presentations. We all learned some pretty cool stuff.  For one, Theodore Roosevelt had been shot at and was saved when the bullet hit his steel eyeglasses case and his folded 50 page speech in his coat pocket.  The bullet still got him, but barely.  If you want to know more of what we learned let me know and I can email you their power point presentations, very cool.

IMG_5554 [640x480]

IMG_5522 [640x480]IMG_5524 [640x480]

Oh, how we love to eat puffs off of the floor!

IMG_5533 [640x480]

Do you think you could open those shed doors for me?

IMG_5535 [640x480]

Chris’ sister’s new baby girl.  She seems to love to sleep, a girl after my own heart.

Parchment by any other name wouldn’t be as foldable.

paper_airplane_smI believe there are stages in a boys development not defined in todays psychological journals.  One that comes to mind is the paper airplane making stage.  Both Reed and Douglas hit this one at around the age of 5 and this last month, Isaac has joined in this stage of development.  The signs are quite simple:  the printer’s paper seems to be out whenever one tries to print something, a pile of folded angular papers parked in the middle of several rooms, and a depleted supply of band aides due to a paper cut epidemic.  I must say, my skills at paper airplane making have improved over the years, in fact, I make a very fast straight flyer that could poke an eye out should the eye get in the flight path.  As the mother of the boys going through the stages, it was, and is, impossible to stand on the peripheral edges and not learn how to make these planes.  First, because they’re begging for you to help them and then it becomes a challenge with daddy to see if mommy really can make a better plane, oh, and she can.  (This is my blog so I can say whatever I want Chris Smile) . 

paper_boats Lynn TaylorFollowing the paper airplane stage is the paper hat making stage, then the paper gun making stage, then the paper boat making stage (watch out for this one and have a plunger on hand), then the spit wad making stage, and then once all primeval creativity has been shed, comes the renaissance of paper crafting called Origami.  By the way, mommy is pretty darn good at making cranes.


It is my theory that my proficiency at paper crane making is because I learned how to do it while living in Japan.  Just like the theory that if you learn how to jump like a kangaroo, imitating all of its marsupial grace, it’s because you leaned how to do it in Australia.

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