Confabulations with the Relations

That word 'confabulation' is a great word! The twisted mind that I have instantly thought of a word that sounded kind of like it, but started with 'flat'. Its definition comes nowhere near the gutter my mind fell into upon this verbal introduction. It quite innocently means: to converse informally, chat. I guess it's a psychiatry term and is used like so: "to engage in confabulation." Still, I don't think I could keep a strait face and properly balance on the doctor's couch if he were to ask me to sit still and confabulate with him.

Anyway, my mom, grandma Poet, and aunt Jodi all came for a quick visit on their way to Prince Edward Island/Anne of Green Gables land (Where's Gilbert?). We had some very serious and some very not so serious moments of confabulation. I wonder if conblabulate would be a more accurate word for conversing informally. I wish English gave genders to its nouns because I bet a conblabulation would be feminine. I'm confabulating way too much in this blog, blah, blah, blah, "yes doctor, I am listening and I do want to confabu...ha ha ha ha ha!"

IMG_0180 [640x480]IMG_0194 [640x480]

My blooming delphinium and my little digger. I think I could put him to use in my garden. I just need to redirect his lofty interest in beheading my favorite flowers and lower it to a subterranean level where weeds grow and snails preside.

IMG_0195 [640x480] IMG_0208 [640x480]

Reed loves to play in the dirt and puddles, but what boy doesn't? That explains my loosing battle in the laundry room, not to mention those creepy house centipedes, uuhhhgggg...(shiver). Word of Wisdom: Never go into a basement barefooted. It makes as much sense as to "never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" (Princess Bride)

IMG_0198 [640x480]

Aunt Jodi with Douglas at Hawk Island Park

IMG_0193 [640x480]

Jodi, Grandma Poet, and Mom (aka Grandma Hartvigsen)

IMG_0209 [640x480]

Isaac looking for more rocks. I have the feeling most of them are at the bottom of this lake.


You must have just posted this while I was posting my last comment. I am glad you had a nice time confabulating with your family. We stayed at your Grandma's house a few weeks ago on our way up to Lawni's.
Melisa said…
It was fun seeing you at the pool! I was going to bring a book to read during lessons today too, but that obviously wouldn't have done me much good. Ugh.
Tessa Dior said…
Woot Woot! There's mah mommy!^^
Confabulation. That is a fantastic word, I'll have to add it to my daily big vocabulary usage.
Natalie said…
I didn't know you were a Hartvigsen; I have Hartvigsen friends in Rexburg and am wondering (like every good Mormon) if you know them. We'll have to conblabulate tonight at Enrichment. I'm glad you got to see some family members and have a good chat. :)
Sorensens said…
How fun, I have to say and tell your mom that she has not changed at all, she still looks the same.
And I love the new word!

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