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Let's Like go to the Beach, like!

Isaac was quite content to roll around in the sand, Douglas was busy making sure that the log would come back after he threw it in, and Reed was having a good ol' dance beach party. While the festivities went on, Chris had fun filling up buckets of water for his sand castle's moat, such a cute boy.

Holy Moly!

As you can see we like playing outside. We enjoy chasing squirrels, rabbits, and butterflies. On occasion we chase each other. I'm currently trying to chase down a mole that has made its home in my garden. I've been having evil thoughts about what I'd do with that mole if I found it. I sometimes feel like Mr. McGreggor in the story of Peter Rabbit. Luckily I have no missing vegetables, just a bunch of mounds and displaced dirt. I called the Village People (I love calling them that), or the people who work for the place we are living, to tell them about our mole problem and the lady there told me that their mom recently shoved them out of their home to make their own way in the world, or the yard. "Just don't come 'round here looking for shovels sonny, dig like a man, use your teeth if you must!" said Mama Mole in a rather stern voice.

Look, a butterfly!

While Grandma H. was here she decided to test the power of the hose by squirting Reed and Douglas…

Happy Birthday Song

Fire...Something about candles that say blow me out! I sometimes light a candle to help make a room smell better, but if the boys find out, they go strait to it and blow it out. As long as they're not trying to start fires, hmmmm...I suppose the day will come, aahhhh!

Isaac's 2nd birthday

Isaac had a great time turning 2, opening presents and blowing out candles.

Sparklers and Bulging Quads

Swimming in Lake Michigan


Soak up those rays Reed, or roll around in the sand, whatever floats your bucket

Grand Haven Light House

Light House stairs, 136 of them

Big Sable Light house

Sparklers, watch your fingers...

Now, that was good watermelon.

We’ve been pretty busy enjoying the summer and making sure our skin doesn’t say “I’ve lived in Michigan all of my life”.Though, I did see quite a few very tan Michiganders on the beaches of Lake Michigan.Speaking of Lake Michigan, we just got back from a very nice trip to its shores.My mom has been in town for the past two weeks and so we made the trip with her.We went to the beautiful sea shore town of Ludington where we swam in the Lake and visited the Big Sable light house.The hike up to the light house was 2 miles on a dirt road and then we got to climb 137 steps to the top, ouch.My quadriceps are not what they used to be, well, I can’t actually remember what they “used to be” as if they were ever something to brag about, but after t…

Roads, turkeys, ostriches, and hair picks, need I say more?

The boys and I were out running errands this morning and as we travel, all 8 of our eyes see about all there is to see and point it out to each other. “I see an airplane!”, “Look at that monster truck!”, or “Macdonalds! Can I have a kids meal?! NO!” A while ago Chris was on his way to cub scouts with our future cub scouts when they saw a bunch of turkeys crossing the road. Chris said something like “look at those turkeys”. Reed then chimed in and clarified that those were not turkeys but medium ostriches. So, from this example you can see their clarity and understanding of the things one sees while driving.

Anyway….about today, we drove past a guy who was sitting on a bench at a bus stop. He was dressed in the certain style beloved by people who like pulling their pants up all day long. He had decided to finish the look off by leaving his comb in his hair. The boys and I all speculated on the need for the comb being there and concluded that it was probably just stuck and that he couldn…