Digging while on the run

The following is about 3 minutes of conversation on our way home from school. Just an average session with Dr. Minivan. I'm sure I'd understand the root of these conversations if I wasn't paying attention to the road while driving.
Reed: Construction workers work the hardest.

Mom: Well, I don't know about that. I think firemen, policemen, and soldiers work pretty hard too. (in the back of my mind I'm thinking that weird guy who works for that Discover channel 'Dirty Jobs' works the hardest of all, or at least is the most insane. Actually that Man vs. Wild guy works pretty hard too).

Reed: But who works the hardest?

Mom: Maybe soldiers because they have to be really strong and brave so they can fight the bad guys.

Douglas: I think paleontologists work the hardest because they have to dig for dinosaurs all day.

Reed: If someone jumped off that pole would they die? (he has lost interest in the worker subject).

Douglas: Definitely

Isaac: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...(Reed's making Isaac laugh by letting him put his hand over his mouth, I really don't get why that's funny, but obviously it is at some level of maturity).

Mom: I think soldiers still work harder because the people they are fighting are still alive. The dinosaurs are dead and don't move when they are digging for them.

Douglas: Oh ya? Well, I think if the dinosaurs were alive that being a paleontologist would be the hardest job in the world!

Mom: You know, I think you're right.

Douglas: Why is it raining?

Aroma de feet that haven't been wearing socks while wearing shoes.


Reed came home early from school today due to a stomach ache which was quickly remedied after a trip to the water closet.

This was Isaac's attempt at breakfast. In order to get him to eat his blueberry muffin I have to call it a cup cake. But, as with cup cakes, the top is all that is ever eaten because that's where the frosting ends.


Sorensens said…
That was funny, I think I would have said that mommy's work the hardest. I love it that all of a sudden he talks about the rain. Kids are so cute.

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