Thursday, July 26, 2012

Come and get it!

Breakfast time!

IMG_0640 [1024x768]

“Good morning mom!  Did you sleep well?  Yes?  Now, I’ve got one question for you.  Where’s my cotton-pickin’ breakfast?"

“If I don’t see it on my tray in neat little piles in 2 seconds…well, you’ll see what will happen.”

IMG_0644 [1024x768]

“Please dear, I’m on it.  It’s just that I couldn’t find the strawberries.  They were way in the back behind the milk….no, no, don’t!

IMG_0645 [1024x768]

“Missed!  Dog-gonnit!  I’ll have to try again.”

IMG_0623 [1024x768]

It’s so bright in here!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Pyromania, great demon of the sea!


IMG_0599 [1024x768]

The Pyromania I

IMG_0600 [1024x768]

The Pyromania II

IMG_0601 [1024x768]

The Pyromania III

IMG_0615 [1024x768]

IMG_0603 [1024x768]

IMG_0607 [1024x768]

IMG_0614 [1024x768]

Here’s proof!

IMG_0619 [1024x768]

2555 days old!

On the eve of his birthday, right before he went to bed, Isaac asked if I could make him a pile of pancakes for his birthday and to put a candle on top.  He got what he wished for and ate 3/4 of it.  Impressive!  Thinking about how much he ate even now makes me feel sick.  Yes, he is definitely a growing boy!

IMG_0543 [1024x768]

IMG_0545 [1024x768]

Some of the cousins and a friend came over to celebrate Isaac’s 7th Birhtday.  How did he get so old?  I don’t k now why, but I still think of him as my baby.  Yes, I know I have two more babies, but still…Maybe because he’s the only child that I got real one on one time, he being the only non-twin of my kids.  I hope that doesn’t give him some sort of  complex one day.

IMG_0586 [1024x768]IMG_0572 [1024x768]

Keep your eyes closed…ta-da!  A bike!  Big enough that you don’t have to crunch into a ball to ride!

IMG_0574 [1024x768]

IMG_0566 [1024x768]

IMG_0567 [1024x768]

IMG_0548 [1024x768]

IMG_0554 [1024x768]

I got these cute little blue tops for the girls but they were a bit big.  Turns out they get even bigger once they get wet!  There goes my sleeve again!

IMG_0555 [1024x768]


IMG_0557 [1024x768]

This is how it’s supposed to be done.  You people trying to stand on this skate board have got it all wrong!

IMG_0561 [1024x768]

IMG_0563 [1024x768]IMG_0564 [1024x768]

IMG_0578 [1024x768]

IMG_0585 [1024x768]

IMG_0579 [1024x768]

IMG_0580 [1024x768]

Alyssa, Douglas, and a silly Brooklynn in the back.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fireworks on the 4th

We were almost not going to do fireworks but the desire for bursts of flames and sparks beat out our safety side during a very dry season and so we compromised with only getting the “boring” firecrackers.  We let the neighbors give us a show and hoped that they had fire retardant.

IMG_0431 [1024x768]

IMG_0477 [1024x768]

IMG_0430 [1024x768]

IMG_0439 [1024x768]

I don’ t know why this child insists on going around topless in hot weather.  He didn’t even get a mosquito bite with all of that exposed skin.  Where I got at least 10, he was unmarked.

IMG_0440 [1024x768]

IMG_0442 [1024x768]

IMG_0444 [1024x768]

See the trusty hose?  Ready for fire and boy alike.

IMG_0463 [1024x768]

The ghosts of pyromaniacs!

IMG_0472 [1024x768]

IMG_0475 [1024x768]

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hertig Family Reunion, but really, just pictures of the kids, sorry.

We finally had a Hertig family reunion after many, many, many years.  I think I was 10 the last time we had one.  It took a while to figure out who everyone was, well, I actually didn’t manage that, but most people had a familiar related-to-me kind of look.  This being the Swiss side of the family, there was a little bit of yodeling and a few very yummy deserts.  Unfortunately, the weather was very hot, dry and windy.  The kids didn’t seem to mind too much or are at least were resigned to the fact and chose to enjoy it all anyway.

Most of these pictures are just of the kids playing on the playground near the pavillion where the adults sought respite and cold drinks.

IMG_0381 [1024x768]

IMG_0388 [1024x768]

IMG_0404 [1024x768]

IMG_0405 [1024x768]

IMG_0408 [1024x768]

IMG_0382 [1024x768]

IMG_0383 [1024x768]

IMG_0384 [1024x768]

IMG_0385 [1024x768]

IMG_0387 [1024x768]

IMG_0389 [1024x768]

IMG_0392 [1024x768]

IMG_0395 [1024x768]

IMG_0396 [1024x768]

IMG_0415 [1024x768]


IMG_0425 [1024x768]

IMG_0410 [1024x768]

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