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Can you hear me?

For about 2 weeks now, the little ladies and the big lady, me,  have been fighting colds and four days ago mine, with the help of some forceful speaking to my children, turned into laryngitis.  So, I am without voice at the moment.  Today, my voice has started coming out in spurts and with enough wind power and projection, I can get about 5 audible words out per 10 minutes or so.  Since this is the case, I’ve been whispering a lot and at times have just abandoned conversation all together.  My kids don’t take me seriously when I say, “go to your room,” or “stop bugging your brother,” etc…  They give me a look that clearly says, “You can’t be serious mother, I’ll wait till your voice recovers before I even think about cleaning my room.”  Yesterday, I went to the drive-thru to get some lunch and when I got to the order speaker, nothing came out.  The lady taking my order could barely hear me whispering into the speaker and I ended up with two completely wrong orders.  At least she got m…

One month old Sqeezables… and more photos, of course.

Our babies are one month old today, incredible!  They really do grow fast and those little skinny bird legs they had at birth, are filling into nice little plump squeezables.  They are great with eye contact and with those eyes, curiously follow us about.  I get first priority for getting followed with their beautiful eyes since I’m the walking menu but others get their attention too, especially dad who has a skill for getting great smiles out of them.  Isaac has tons of kisses to offer and Reed and Douglas will sit on the couch in front of them staring into their adorable faces and say, “they’re cute,” over and over again forgetting they’d said it 5 seconds earlier.My follow up appointment with my doctor went quite well the other today.  Along with discovering that I had above and beyond the proper amount of stretch marks for a twin bearer, I also learned that my twins were the biggest my doctor had ever delivered.  I feel quite proud of that fact though all I did to contribute was e…