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The Waterfall

Last Saturday, I again had one of those experiences where I became aware of those muscles I didn’t know I had.  They are still there and every time I get up to do anything I am painfully reminded of that fact, as is everyone else as I moan in varying tones of ooooos, aaaaaas, eeeeeees, and UGHs!!!! This is the Waterfall.  I don’t know if it has a real name other than Waterfall.  I think people like those in Chris’ family must have named it, knowing the creativity attempted in naming their family pets:  “Grey-kitty” or “Black-kitty.”  If I had the opportunity to name it it would probably be called The Fount of Burning Quads.My dad, Erin, and Bill were the best hikers in the group.  The kids all did a really great job too!Have you noticed that everyone seems to be in front of me, all the time?  Some are trail blazers and some are trail trousers.The only people aware of my photo taking is the adorable Mr. Isaac peaking between those tree trunks and Reed in the back.The Conquering Hiker!T…

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy…

Tessa and Jeff Beck’s WeddingJune 24th, 2011Announcing Jeff and Tessa Beck, the newly married couple!They are one of the cutest couples and we all love Jeff.  Tessa chose well in my opinion.Brooklyn and her older sister AlyssaBill, Alyssa, and DantzelErin and Jodi, the mother of the brideGavin and VannyBill, Gabby, and grandpa HartvigsenReed and Dantzel at the receptionGabby and Isaac making sure the brownies are as good as they look.Wow!  What a beautiful dress!Dantzel and TessaGrandpa Poet, Chris, and Reed