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2014 Christmas: The Annual Narrative

Merry Christmas!

December 9, 2014
Dear Family, Friends, and People who receive this due to an incorrect address, Merry Christmas!
I must admit, this holiday has snuck up on me, and the hiatus between Halloween and Thanksgiving didn’t even seem to happen. All I can say, is I’m grateful for the ability to do a lot of my Christmas shopping on-line. I am haunted by hopeful lists to Santa from children who think they’ve been good enough to deserve iPhones and pet dogs. We realized it was time to remind our kids why we celebrate Christmas, and that it’s not a holiday about getting, but giving and remembering Christ, and to live by the example he has set for us. I suppose it’s my fault for putting off commercialism earlier in the year, when hearing “Will you get me…” such and such? And answering, “Wait until Christmas.” So, Chris and I have been doing our best to bring them back to Earth. Chris’ work and some other companies are helping out refugees from Sudan and other children in n…