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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas was wonderful! We had my parents here and loved every minute of it. Though, I'm sure they were ready for a vacation from us when it was time to go. We can be somewhat messy at times. Well, not we, but three. We all got spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it.

Besides opening presents, eating too much chocolate, sugar cookies and cherry flavored popped corn balls, we managed to make a very classy snow man. Well, that is, grandpa and boys did. I was part of the critiquing audience and my mom was the provider of the carrot nose, truffle eyeballs, and junior mint buttons. I noticed some of the buttons were missing today, so I figure there is one cute squirrel out there with great breath, giving all the squirrel-etts New Year's kisses, yowee!

The adorable grandma and grandpa Hartvigsen. My mom looks great in flannel, doesn't she?!

Spider men busy making sure the right present goes to the right spider.

Fire truck, ooooo...

Must we really wait to go down to open …

Let it snow!

Reed and Douglas are rediscovering the wondrous beauty of snow and the slippery sledding adventures found on its surface. I've been designated, but not yet formally named, White Fang. This afternoon they found a little bit of a gradual elevation change in our back yard. This is not a feature often found in the Michigan landscape. I really don't know where these supposed "slopes" for skiing are located. I hear advertisements for them on the radio but never see them. I saw on a map a place called Mt. Brighton, but I think it might be the highest green on a golf course in the area, flag pole included.

I hope that snow ball is not for me!

Where did my feet go?!

Tigger gets frost bite

Isaac has weened himself off of naps, hmmm...

Tigger Mania: The need to be in possession of a Tigger stuffed animal that has held no interest in the past 5 years, but is suddenly awakened when another in close proximity has picked it up. In this case the subjects begrudgingly chose to take 3 minute turns with the toy, rotating like this for nearly an hour. The strange thing was, that during their possession, the toy wasn't played with, just carefully and territorially watched.

Here are a couple of pictures from our adventure to a tree farm near our house. It was a ton of fun once our limbs and all our exposed skin finally froze. We picked out a nice tree and then Chris had a Paul Bunyan moment with a hack saw (or whatever they are called, sharp with teeth). We took some extra cut limbs from a pile and put them in the car. I'll be leaving them there like I did last year, acting as an air freshener. Dried up pickles left in mysterious places by Douglas is a hard odor to fi…