Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh so happy!

10 things that make me happy

1.  My man.  Yes, that’s you my Chris, the perfect husband for me.  I can’t even begin to list the good things he does for me, I’d probably have to get a doctor’s permission slip to even do it justice.  (By the way, thank you for taking ALL of the boys to baseball and leaving me here to gather my wits and my whats).

2.  Great pens.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again.  If I have the need, or that illogical desire to just buy something, the purchase of a great pen will usually fix me for a week.  I have a lot of pens, eh-hem…

3.  Back Scratches.  “Ahhhhh….over to the right a little, now the left, riiiiight there, ahhh…”

IMG_2382 4.  My children.  After some reflection, and blotting out today, I realized that I really do like, o.k. love, my kids.   There are times when they make me so happy that I’m in tears, usually from laughter, as they share their views of this world, IMG_2361other worlds, and the galaxies far, far, away.IMG_2349





5.  An empty, and completely sterile (eh-hem), laundry basket.  Yes, as I have mentioned before, I think the clothing in the laundry basket multiplies and replenishes when we aren’t looking.  Very naughty and completely inappropriate for anything cotton, woolen, or of a mysterious origin, poly-something.

6.  A great book.  Too many to be specific.  Though, I’d have to say, the ones that give me the most wonderful and complete doses of happiness are the scriptures.  It’s true!  They are good for the soul and I definitely need greater and more frequent doses, the crazy heathen that I am.

IMG_2319 7.  Freshly picked flowers.  Chris once picked me a bouquet of fresh wild flowers when we were dating.  He’s since forgotten where he’s gotten them, but I’ll keep hoping he remembers to do it again some day ;).

Winged victory 8. Art museums.  Gooooo!!!!  Yes, they make me that happy, giddy even.  A few favorites would be the Louvre, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, MOCA, Guggenheim Museum, Secession, and many more.  Shamefully, I only touched the surface of what the Smithsonian has to offer.  One cannot visit D.C. for just a few days and leave, expecting to know anything from such a short visit.  Inconceivable! 

9.  Nature.  “It’s all over me, get it off!”  I speak of the beauties in nature ranging from the bright sun to the darkest cave, deep blue waters to a sparkling brooks wreathed in water plants, a perfect little blue Forget-me-not to a monstrous Redwood. I’ll take it all, well maybe not the earwigs, but the rest is pretty grand.

10.  This list.  I was pretty ornery before I started it and now I’m feeling much more grateful and my need for something “deep fried and smothered in chocolate” has subsided somewhat.  Here’s to a deep and relaxing breath of air-conditioned, re-circulated, Lysol scented, dusty air!  Huzzah!  (Thankyou Heather for introducing me to this form of catharsis).

  This moment of needed reflection was brought to you by:image

Monday, May 25, 2009

“Thus Spake Zarathustra”

“That’s why they shouldn’t give a monkey a weapon.”

--Douglas Williams


I don’t know too many people, except for my husband Chris, who would spend a portion of their day off watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.  We all got caught up in this oddity/odyssey right off.  From the discovery of the strange black obelisk by a gang of evolutionizing monkeys, to Steve’s (I don’t know what his name was, but I like it) discovery of a bone that he would later turn into a weapon for killing food and then eventually to reclaim the watering hole.  The scene soon ends with the first death by bone attack, otherwise known as “the dawn of man”, then skips to a 1960’s version of 2001 and all to the tune of Richard Strauss’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra.”


Amidst our emotional recovery from the bone killing (very furry, not too violent, comparable to a brotherly kafuffle, only ending very, very badly), Douglas spake the following, “That’s why they shouldn’t give a monkey a weapon.” As the movie progressed, and amidst more questions concerning human hibernation, gravity, velcro shoes, space food tasting like squash, and the life span of the pre-dawn apes, we were introduced to the famous and very proud computer, H.A.L..  H.A.L. is a very intelligent and overly anxious  entity who believes he knows what is best for this mission -his assuming all power.  2001_A_Space_odyssey-765524 The way I see it, the space ship they are on is now the watering hole and H.A.L. is a new type of “Steve” who, but for his battle with Dave (that’s his real name) and Dave’s knowledge of how to unplug H.A.L., would have killed all on board with his cyber bone.  The “dawn of H.A.L.” will have to come to another cast and crew in perhaps the 2060’s called, “3010: Space Odyssey.”

What our generation of the year 2009 must always remember, and must learn from Dave and the Mr. Bone-dead-ape, is to never give a monkey a weapon, or a computer.

(Chris just informed me that they did make 2 more movies, the next being called “2010: The Year We Make Contact” where someone has plugged a now very paranoid H.A.L. back in, and Dave has become an “incorporeal entity.”

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sick of…

I took the challenge again from “Mama’s Losin’ It!!”

3.) List ten things you are currently sick of.image

1.  Holes in my kids socks.  I do not darn socks.  I’ve started returning them to their drawer if the holes are only in the heels.  But once they turn into a form of toe-less foot glove, I have to dispose of them.  The boys are running low on socks.

2.  Missing bobby pins.  I believe they may have run off with the missing socks, the nail clibobby-pinsppers, and Iron Man’s shoulder pads (I guess they’re more like shoulder armor, for Douglas’ toy).

3.  Crumbs in bed.  Isaac, thank you for bringing your toast into my bed.

4.  My blood shot eye.  I’m not a Cyclops, I do have two eyes, but one has been bloodshot for about 2 months now, and I’m starting to wonder if I’m just going to look tired for the rest of my life.

5.  A two way stop up the street that should be a 4 way stop.  It just should be, end of story.

6.  Leg hair that won’t stop growing.  I’ve heard that it even keeps growing after you’re dead!  Ew!!!  “Hey, Mr. Undertaker, could you throw a razer in here before you bury me?”

7.  Wedandy lioneds.  I understand they were part of the leaving Eden travel plan, but still, why are there so many?

8.  My bangs.  Need I say more?  See earlier post for my opinions on the status of my hair.

9.  Sand on the entry way tile.  Thanks to the boys’ elementary school playground, I now have what should be outdoors, indoors.  Not that I mind walking on sand in the house, but my feet are already way past the point of necessary exfoliation and are now desperate for something more akin to moisturizing slime.

10.  De-turding my granola.  I love Quaker Oats Granola, but I don’t like raisins in it.  They do sell one without raisins, but not at the store near us. So, every morning before I’m about to enjoy granola yumminess, I have to “de-turd” my cereal.  It only reminds me of the unpleasantgranola stuff because after I look in the white porcelain sink dotted with raisins, it looks just like a mouse and his family of mice-lings, have spent the night there, and apparently after a rather bounteous Thanksgiving feast.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This new poster has a very wolfy, woodsy, furry look to it and I really love Taylor’s hair cut short. Oh, he so looks like a brooding teenage wolf! Not that I’ve seen many, but I can imagine.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sound: A splash in deep water.

imageI took the challenge from the “Mama’s Losin’ it” blog and stretched a few brain muscles.  I answered #3.  If you want to join in, go to her blog for your challenge.

3.) Describe a 'sound' from your childhood. What was it? When did you hear it? What does it bring to mind?

A splash in deep water


   As a kid we had access to a swim resort just up the hill from our house. It had an indoor and outdoor lap pool, a kiddie pool (ew, not a good idea in the pre-swimmer diaper era, actually, not even then), and a diving tank with a high dive.

   In the tennis-shoe-sole-melting heat of St. George’s summer, my sister and I would don our well worn swimsuits and sandals, wrap our terrycloth stoles around our necks and hike up the hill. I had a black and white chevron striped swimming suit for a couple of years before it disintegrated from an overdose of chlorine. Because of it I had the loveliest striped tan under that swimming suit, giving monochromatic proof that the sun does indeed penetrate through white spandex.

   Erin and I would go directly to the diving tank where we would prepare for our upcoming Olympic debut. Though neither of us knew how to do anything all that fancy, we posed ourselves, while on the board, as if we did. I would stand backwards on the high dive like I was going to do one of those crazy moves where you jump off and in a miraculous way miss hitting your head on the platform. Well, like I said, I would just stand backwards and then, with my arms elegantly lifted over my head, would turn and do a simple dive or an elaborate cannon ball (cannon ball skill lies in weight distribution, tightness of ball, and head direction). Erin had a bit more grace and confidence than I and would sometimes do flips. I’ve tried flips but, after several back flops, gave up and focused my energies on basic dives, more cannon balls, and trying to touch the bottom of the pool. They should make the last one an Olympic sport, “first one to the bottom wins!” I’d certainly excel.

   After a long day at the giant Petri dish for skin cancer causing activity, we grabbed our towels and took our water logged, chlorine scented, and very tanned bodies home for a bath in aloe, a bowl of Raman noodles, an hour with Charles in Charge or the Cosby’s and then off to bed. If you’ve ever wondered where I got all of my freckles, I’d have to say they appeared during the hundreds of trips from the water to the diving board, over and over again.

1893 girls swim suit1893 girl’s swim suit with sash and bonnet.  No doubt this is what Douglas sees me wearing at the pool.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pine Scented Trees, just like the air freshener!

Mother’s day weekend was spent in St. George with all of mommy’s (my, that 3rd person thing is really hard to escape!) side of grandpas and grandmas.  These pictures are from our attempt, and success, at escaping the already 92 degrees in St. George, by going to Pine Valley.  Beautiful!  Unfortunately, my camera battery’s juices were squeezed dry and I only got a few pics. from the experience.  But what I didn’t get on film, I got a plethora of in relief from the heat and an eyeful of cool glistening water and tall fabulously scented pine trees.  Can you believe they smell better than the pine tree car fresheners?  They do!


Grandpa didn’t really want to wear his had, did he?

IMG_2302 An all-teeth-grin from Douglas.

IMG_2305Who’s stronger?  Grrrr…

One more item of success while in St. George, was a date to the new Star Trek movie, which was fabulous!  I totally recommend it to Vulcan and non-Vulcan alike!


We learned that they actually recorded the scenes on Vulcan in Emery County on the San Rafael Swell, too cool!  Chris was so excited to know that his grandparents live so close to Vulcan.  On our way home from St. George we visited them in Orangeville and I swear I saw Chris trying to see if their eyebrows had gone pointy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blooming in my Bloomers


Alas!  I can boast a rather beautiful collection of spring blooms!  It took long enough but these beauties were well worth the wait.  I probably look like a crazy person to my neighbors as I wander around my yard checking on the health and progress of each of my bloomers.  This is why I need a really big yard where the neighbors are at least an acre away and hidden by a line of pine trees. The fact that I was still wearing my p.j.s probably didn’t help with the she’s-so-weird issue.



IMG_2293 IMG_2286

This is what’s blooming at Clearfield AFB just across the ravine.  Very cool yet very loud!

Tigers at the Prom

IMG_2267 [800x600]It’s good to get out of town once in a while even if it is only an hour from home.  My cousin Tessa had a date to the prom and for some reason, believed that I was a master in hair design.  So, off we all headed, down to Alpine to do my wonderful cousin’s hair.  I thank her for her confidence in my skills and if I say so myself, the hair looked great.  It helped that she’s already a gorgeous girl. 

Since we were down there we decided to partake of the local entertainment and that was, since the kids are the majority, a trip to the Monte L. Bean museum.  This museum is on the BYU campus and, as I student, I often went there to draw the stuffed animals, or taxiderm-ied animals as some might call them.  Really, how in the world is one to get an animal to stay still unless he’s been shot and stuffed.  Sorry to any of you sensitive folk out there for mentioning such a thing.  There was a large collection of the family Bovidae in the order of the even-toed ungulates (antelope).  A few of the family Felidae (tigers), and about five of the family Ursidae (bear).  There was some kind of brown bear that was around 8 feet tall, huge!  I can see why Emmet would enjoy hunting one of… How can I escape Twilight?! 

Anyway, on with the tour.  ligerOne of the most interesting things we learned was that Ligers never stop growing.  They are a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress, the largest of all cats.  They of course were a product of laboratory experimentation as the two would try to kill each other if things were attempted in a natural way, eh-hem.  The other version is a Tigon, which is a male tiger and a lioness combo,with a side of fries…  We learned that these two creations never stop growing and eventually die from issues surrounding perpetual growth.  So sad.tigon2

Well class, I’m sure that was more than we wanted to know on that subject, but we all felt enlightened by the experience now didn’t we?

Next class period we will discuss the white rhinoceros, the world’s largest land mammal after the elephant.

Merry Christmas!

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