Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tropical…oh, doesn’t that word just make you giddy this time of the year?


Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge

1.) A vacation to remember.


The month was February in the year 2005, the time of the year for those living in cold climates that cabin fever is at it’s most unbearable.  I was 4 months pregnant at the time and most likely vitamin D deficient and in a desperate way in need of a photosynthesizing experience.  My parents must have sensed this because they decided to invite us on a trip to Hawaii with them, my sister and her husband, and my grandparents.  They had a time-share on Maui with room for us all.  The timing was so perfect that as I sit here once more in a cold climate in the middle of February,  the yearning for such another trip, almost causes me physical pain. 

This was my first, and so far only, trip to Hawaii.  The details are foggy as to where exactly we went, the names of the places we snorkeled, or how many turtles and humpback whales we saw, but the memory of peace, rest, warmth, light breezes, salty air, the sounds of the ocean, the colorful plant and animal life, and the overall feeling of tranquility, overwhelm me and I can almost imagine myself there again.

Hawaii 2005





Dantzel with flower



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lizards, naps, and cousins, oh my!

Lizard is back on the menu.  Lunch only. We always boil it first to guarantee softness.

IMG_5517 [640x480]

First you eat the head, then the legs and save the tail for last.  Can also be used as a toothpick if you have teeth.

IMG_5499 [640x480]

I think I’m done.  Mommy, could you maybe bring me a moist cloth or spoon the rest of my lunch off of my face?

IMG_5457 [640x480]IMG_5460 [640x480]

IMG_5466 [640x480]IMG_5474 [640x480]IMG_5475 [640x480]

Dantzel is our very strong cousin.  Here she is with Elizabeth and one of the other twins in the family (Erin’s), Brooklyn (her twin’s name is Gabriella).

IMG_5478 [640x480]

Watch out Alyssa, we like to pull hair and really can’t help ourselves.

IMG_5479 [640x480]

What is it with my boys and bunny ears?  Here are Erin and Bill’s girls playing with us.  This was the day that Julia had heart surgery, from which she did quite well and is now breathing better as a result.

IMG_5482 [640x480]

Cousin Alyssa sure is daring to hold both of us at the same time!

IMG_5491 [640x480]

Elizabeth’s favorite snack, rice Mum-mums.

IMG_5508 [640x480]

The pink cheetah has finally given up on prowling for more toys.

IMG_5511 [640x480]

Me nap?  You have such funny ideas mommy.

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