Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shark Bites

This morning we were watching the news and they were doing a story on great White shark attacks on humans in California. Reed and Douglas wanted to know if the people died. One did and the other one just got bit, but survived. This was just a deposit into their brain to be collected and sorted with their other thoughts throughout the day.

Shark 1

Later, while driving in the car, of course, we got onto the subject of rats. If I'd been paying attention I'm sure I'd know why, but I wasn't. So, they asked me 1. how big is the biggest rat? 2. Do rats bite? 3. Mommy, are you afraid of rats? 4. How big is the smallest rat? My answers: 1. I was going to say an R.O.U.S., but instead I said "I don't know" 2. Yes, rats bite 3. Yes, because they can bite and they can carry diseases and flees. 4. very small.

Rat small

So this leaves the unanswered question concerning the largest rat. I wish I could find some kind of device to position on my dash board like a GPS but with Wikipedia info instead. It would need to be able to get questions verbally and give them verbally, and preferably in the voice of John Cleese (that is an option on the GPS device for preferred voices, Colin Firth might be kind of fun too). So what we know is that rats bite, can carry diseases, and can be very small. When mommy doesn't know the answers, she starts asking them back, like a psychologist "Doctor Freud, tell me, what do you think about my mother?", "My dear Sir (ziss iz zo boring, vat iz he talking about, sompsing about his muzehr?) Please, tell me about your muzehr." So, how big do you think the biggest rat is? Reed answered with the exuberance and voice of a boy who has just had an epiphany. "It's so big that it's called The Great White Rat!" Of course! They bite, they're big, they scare mommy, what else could it be? This must mean the biggest rat is probably as big as a great white shark. Maybe they do know about R.O.U.S.'s after all.

Rat fat

Nothing better than a morning Chess Match

I got the chess board out of the closet and the boys have been enjoying some early morning brain stimulation.

IMG_0236 [640x480] IMG_0237 [640x480]

Once he light sabered his brothers game (they were pretty much done, luckily), Isaac gave the game a go.

IMG_0239 [640x480] IMG_0240 [640x480]


Melisa said...

My boys are scared of sharks. They won't watch any movies that take place under water. I don't even know what started it. Finding Nemo, I think.

I would have said R.O.U.S. too. :)

Natalie said...

I love it! Your boys are so darling and I hope Rex grows up to be just like them. :) When you find out where to buy the in-dash Wikipedia system, let me know because I need one too!

The Hoyal Family said...

I like the idea of wikepedia for the car. Tanner is always asking me questions I don't know! Boys are so curious about the most random things!

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