Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bat Boy's has "Tooper" Powers!

The kid really does have "tooper" powers!  First, he numbs my senses by making a monster size diaper, then he asks to watch Thomas Train and while I'm putting that in for him, he some how, as quick as lightening, goes to my room, find's one of Chris' electronic devices (I can't keep track of what all these things are called), figures out how to play music on it, unrolls all of the tape from the role on my dressers, squirts down the walls with a water bottle, and turns on all the lights in living room and kitchen.  I really think Thomas was a decoy and that Isaac is quietly laughing and pretending to watch the movie about that "cheeky" train.  Well, if anything, he gave me a rather untimely reason to wash down the walls. 


Bat Boy and the Bikers

Chris got a job! Yesterday was his first day and it went well.  The company he works for is based in Montreal so he had to be in their Provo office at 7am for some training.  He seems to like it so far and it's got possibilities for growth and even though this job is a technology type job it will lead to a future in the new legal field of e-discovery, Chris' ideal job.  He plans on starting his own practice on the side once he gets sworn in next month.  This means that we will be having to move in the next few months from So. Ogden to Hap..I mean Utah Valley.  I dread this moving thing but I also don't like being away from Chris during the week.

IMG_1363 [800x600]

Because I am all by my lonesome with the 3 little men, I have had to arm myself with more ideas for entertainment incorporated with sleep inducing exercises.  So, Bat Boy (Isaac) and the Bikers (Reed & Douglas) spent yesterday evening playing outside and riding bikes. They have gotten much better at riding their bikes now that they have a good place to ride.  It appears from this picture that we need to raise Reed's seat a bit, Mr. Longlegs. 

IMG_1314 [800x600] IMG_1320 [800x600] IMG_1334 [800x600]

This is Bat Boy.  For the past 2 months this Batman cape has been Isaac's accessory of choice.  He eats, sleeps, and plays in this cape.  Oh, and he can fly as he has "tooper powers."  So far lift off has only been from surfaces like the couch, ground level, and his bed.  I dread the moment when he thinks he can fly off the stairs like his brother Douglas, who at about age 3 jumped down 4 stairs and broke his leg.  Yikes!

IMG_1338 [800x600] IMG_1353 [800x600]

"Mommy, stop taking the picture, did you see how bright that sun is?"  I've been experimenting a little with taking pictures and playing with the aperture and shutter speed.  It's been tooooooo long since my photography class and I'm still trying to figure out all that my camera can do.

IMG_1355 [800x600] IMG_1361 [800x600] IMG_1362 [800x600]

These are the boys mug shots in case the police need to know what the throwers-of-dirt-clods-into-the-road-boys look like.

IMG_1360 [800x600]

We're innocent, trust us.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daisy Petals

yellow daisies

While at the park surrounded by a field of wild daisies Douglas brought me a flower of his own picking. After first wondering what the green stuff was that was sticking to his fingers (I was thinking Chlorophyll or Chloroform, which one was it? and please don't wipe it on your pants) , he handed me the flower.  I looked at it's beautiful yellow petals thinking of how bright and perfect they were.  Douglas then sat next to me and started looking at the flower and asked if he could pull off their petals.  In order to veer his thoughts in a less destructive path,the one embraced last Spring of popping the heads off of the flowers which inevitably led to the loss of several of my Shasta daisies,  I asked if he wanted to do it in the romantic way of "she loves me, she loves me not."  He said that he did but when he was expected to start "she loves me, she loves me not" he froze up. He couldn't think of anyone he would want to say that about.  We suggested his cousin Alyssa, then mommy, then his "girlfriend" Emma back in Michigan.  He finally said, "can't I just take off the buds (a.k.a. petals)?" Fine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fly Pheromones

It was a beautiful day outside and the boys took advantage of the weather by going out and naturally leaving the back door open. While making a nest of dinosaur eggs with all of my "garden border" rocks (see the Dinosaur movie by Disney to see what that looks like) the paleontologists failed to notice the fly armada that landed right next to our back door. On the count of tres, the ships sailed in and conquered the living room and kitchen in one synchronized buzz.


If you look close enough you can tell that those aren't people at all but flies dressed up like people. Look! He can't even get his mustache to stick!

While gathering the boys to come inside we all started noticing just how many flies were in the house and finally looked up to see that the armada had not lost any of it's ships and was poised and ready to be as strategically annoying as possible. Once we were all inside with the doors tightly secured the battle began. First we narrowed down the battle field by checking each room in the house and if no fly occupied it, the door was quickly shut and proclaimed off limits. It was thankfully just in the first two rooms that we had to fight for our sanity armed with a fly swatter and 3 kids with great eyesight.


I told Chris that maybe I should bring home some frogs instead of fly paper, then we could have 2 of the plagues in one night!

Of course, the family "why"-man (Douglas) had to ask why we had to kill the flies, then he had to know why they came in, and why there were so many. BECAUSE! There were a few more details and at the end of it all his ardor for fly rights died, morphing into a sharp shooter on the kill. While helping Reed and Issac point out the enemy for Chris, a.k.a. Lord of the Flies, armed with a 99 cent flyswatter, Douglas began spouting out tips on how to obtain better swatting techniques. Douglas was surprised at how easy it was for Chris to swat and kill and had to conclude that "maybe to flies, Fly Swatters are a legend. They don't believe in them, that's why they're so easy to hit." (In that observation there is potential for a spiritual analogy or a Confucius style quote).

Luckily, I had to go to my ward's book club and leave Chris with the 3 fly swatting experts and the lingering fly population. When I came home, armed with the "fly stick", Chris had managed to cut the group to half its size. By the way, that fly stick I bought has only managed to trap 2 flies and one of them is buzzing with all his might trying to get off and he just might make it, short a limb or two. All of this has put me in the mood to recommend Lord of the Flies to the book club, maybe? Or Not!


"The fly gun (or flygun), a derivative of the fly swatter, uses a spring-loaded plastic projectile to "swat" flies. Mounted on the projectile is a perforated circular disk which, according to advertising copy, "really does work" and "won't splat the fly".

Sunday, September 21, 2008

They say when you marry in September...that the wind really blows.

Gavin and Vanny got married a few weeks ago and last night was their reception. It was so beautiful!  The reception was outdoors in Jodi and Dave's backyard and what looked like a great stomping ground for their dog Bailey turned out to be a romantic garden in paradise.  Great job all of you crafty decorator people, oh, and the food was delectably delicious, especially the lil' smokies (I suggested those yummy hors d' oeuvres for my wedding reception and everyone teased me for my backwoods taste, and lo and behold a request for those little tacky wienies was made.  Who would eat a an unidentifiable green blob with a twig of parsley on it when right next to it sits a pot full of smokies?)

IMG_1118 [640x480] 

Tessa's 17 year old friend made this cake, her first wedding cake, wow!

Gavin and Vanni

jodi and dave

I think, if Tessa values her life or the sanity of her parents, she won't be getting married for another decade or two.

dave, vanny, gavin and jodi

IMG_1166 - Copy

Douglas being Alyssa's plate holder. "Can you hold that a little higher, oh, and, are you going to eat that chocolate covered straberry?"


cake (Copy) [640x480]

My poor and inexperienced attempt at cake decorating.  I was actually pretty proud that nobody in my family sat on it.

IMG_1135 - Copy (Copy) [640x480]

Douglas (Copy) [640x480] IMG_1146 [640x480]

Reed, Alyssa, an Douglas escaping all of the connubial bliss while swingin' on the hammock

brooklyn [640x480]

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blood Mustache (don't worry, it's just chocolate milk)

dino food

Tonight at dinner we were hosting 3 dinosaurs at our table. Right before our eyes, what I thought was chicken turned into something much larger and more appetizing to our guests. Reed claimed his was a Gallimimus and Douglas was eating an Iguanodon. I'm not sure what Isaac was eating but whatever it was he didn't appreciate the cheese we put on it. Because of our menu, certain questions and statements were made throughout. Here is a rough transcript:

"Why do Tyrannosaurus Rex's have blood around their mouths when they are done eating?" said Douglas while wiping off his chocolate milk mustache.

"Douglas is a Tatortot (triceratops), I'm a Carnitor and Reed's a T-rex." said Isaac of his brothers.

Reed claimed that his food was climbing off of his plate at one point. There is a frightening similarity in my kids behaviors to the cartoon character Calvin.


Kids are great at making sure their parents imaginations are still working and they can think outside of the box or the menu. Before dinner, Douglas told me the following while waiting for everyone else to get to the table:

"I know something about surface tension. If you have drool on your mouth you can make it into a bubble and it won't drop."

Anyway, just another night in the life of the Williams family.

***The following quotes were just from some of the week's colorful conversations with our kids:***

"They used to serve squirrels in China but then they got a new chef and he picks other stuff." --Reed


"Dogs are the only dinosaurs that haven't gone extinct."--Reed

"I know why they call chickens "chicken", it's because they're so full of chicken." --Douglas

Mom & Dad: Who do you sit by in school?

Douglas: I sit by Dillon and Stockton and they look exactly the same.

Mom & Dad: How do you know who you're talking to then?

Douglas: I know because their names are on their desks.

Isaac: I want a boppy (sippy cup).

Daddy: When are you going to stop having boppies before bed?

Isaac: Don't say that ever again!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chris Passed the Bar!

I'm not referring to the establishment for the partaking of alcoholic beverages, nor am I referring to an event in the gymnastics portion of the Olympics, but this is in reference to the exam taken by those who have recently suffered through 3 years of law school and one big stinkin' test at the end of it all, the Bar Exam.

 bar event      lawbar art

Which one did he pass?

The exam took place in July and now, finally in the middle of September he has found out the results.  We're so relieved, not that I doubted he would pass, but still it's nice to have that little fact tucked away into a safe place.  Even if we are still looking for a law job, at least the firms will know that they would be getting someone who passed.  We had to wait long enough and he still has to wait until Oct. 23rd to get sworn in and licensed. Anyway, that was the reason we went all wild and crazy last night with the pizza and root beer, nothing having been purchased from the bar while doing odd flip-dee-doos on a high bar, though Chris felt like running down the street jumping and yelling "I passed, I passed, I passed..."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Blue Screen of Death!

blue screen of death

To Chris’ surprise and disgust, I have just witnessed the infamous (“more than famous”) blue screen of death. After a long afternoon of rebuilding the desktop computer he finally let me take a seat and push a button or two to make sure it was Becky proof. Then it happened, that blue screen with its ugly white script appeared spouting Windows naughty words, or at least that’s what it seemed to be doing judging from Chris’ reaction. For that moment it seemed to be comparable to flat lining in the world of Computer Geekland. I suppose this has to be done once in a while for reasons I don’t want to bring up in conversation with Chris unless I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. This whole process of rebuilding to me can only be comparable to taking all of my cloths out of my dresser, washing them, folding them like they do at the department stores, nestling a little gossamer pouch filled with dried scented rose petals into the corner of each drawer and then gently nudging each drawer, while singing a cedar tree inspired lullaby, into their rightful homes.


Maybe some scented blue cornflowers to heighten the renewed drawer effect?

I have to say that this techno blue screen was a first for me and when I told Chris about this momentous event the only comfort he received was that he had managed to keep our computer pumping well all these years of marriage. Getting over this obstacle will most definitely fit into the category of one of those milestones every couple has to face in the eternal journey of “bearing one another’s burdens”. Up there with sharing the remote control, biting your tongue while in the passenger seat, or not saying anything when someone puts a milk jug with ½ a teaspoon of milk back in the fridge (my old roommate from Dixie College, Tawna, used to call this “cooling the pitcher”). We shall persevere! But I can tell you, Chris will probably not be wearing blue for a couple of days now.

blue screen tatoo

I guess it's such a dreaded thing that the words are worthy of tattoo script on the most reckless of computer obsessed, Steve Jobs-loving, Bill Gates-hating techno-philes. What ever happened to a skull with crossbones?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things they say to keep my abs from more quickly atrophying.

robot toilet

"I bet if there was a robot toilet that he would flush in order to swallow." --Douglas

I wonder what Data would have thought of Douglas' mouth watering methods?

"My elbow knuckle just popped!" --Reed

Pretty impressive! My knee knuckle pops all the time, but not as much as my neck knuckle.


"Ughhhhh!!! Why do they always have to call people?! (said while waiting to for mommy to get off the phone before leaving for the dinosaur museum). --Douglas

I remember thinking the same thing while my mom went on and on, talking on the phone. As a woman I now understand the enticing trap of talking on the phone for a long time, but I don't believe Douglas, as a male, will ever understand it for as long as he lives. Chris doesn't.

dinosaur dead

"First we're going to go and see the dead stuff (dinosaurs) and then we'll go across the street and see the living stuff (fish in the aquariums at Cabella's)" --Douglas

Douglas clarifying the travel plans of the day for Reed and Isaac while trying to keep his dimwitted parents attune to the days plan. Got it mom?

coffee cup on saucer

"Grandma, why do people drink coffee? Is it because they have a cough?" --Reed

Grandma took us out for breakfast one morning to the Village Inn while she was in town and people drink their coffee's like I drink diet coke or my sister drinks water, as a life sustaining beverage. There must be a whole lot of TB patients running around if they are in constant need of "cough"ee.


"You can pretend that you don't remember it's an early day and we can walk home on our own." --Douglas

Douglas has started to notice that his parents are one of the few that actually walk him and his brother to the bus stop and back home again. Am I sensing embarrassment?

"In England, way back then, they had to pee in the ocean." --Reed

Upon contemplating the toilet of the modern times in which he lives, and something different from what his parents grew up with (hah! I remember having those same thoughts about my parents. Sorry mom and dad!) Reed concluded that "way back then" people had to use the great maelstrom or vortex of the sea to flush, leaving poor Calypso with quite a bit of plumbing duty (though I'm sure she would have called Poseidon for whatever Tidy Bowl couldn't take care of).


Poseidon, the great plumber of the sea.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Come to see the dinosaurs (no, not you mom).

IMG_1014 [800x600]

Rexie the Dinosaur and the paleontology team paying a visit to Thanksgiving Point and her many beauties.

Rexie wouldn't play fetch with us today but was more than willing to see how many of us he could fit into his mouth. Guys are always about those kind of competitions. "Loo ow may marmow I go n ma mow, mo!" Translation: "Look how many marshmallows I got into my mouth mom!" I don't think our little Rexie here would have had a taste for marshmallows. He was all about those guys with the soft outer coating and crunchy centers. Kind of like warm Hershey's Kisses with almonds.

IMG_1018 [800x600]

Why do you always make me look up for pictures?

IMG_1021 [800x600]

Cheese! No, not me, look at the camera you idiot!

IMG_1026 [800x600]

Wonderful jaw line and look at those beautiful bicuspids. ( I really have no clue which teeth are which, but I do know most of mine have fillings in them. Too many Kisses with almonds).

The Weddin' Day

Gavin and Vanny's wedding day was perfect. (How often do you get that in the middle of August in Utah? hot!) They were so adorable and as happy as can be. It was a huge ordeal just getting Vanny over here from Cambodia. She finally made it and within just 2 weeks they made it to the temple and got married. I don't know all the details but from what I've heard it would have been easier to adopt her then get her a visa to come to the United States. All the pieces finally came together and we now have a Gavin and Vanny Jensen. Hooray!

I was just running around taking my own pictures and sometimes bugging the real photographer. How could I not on such a beautiful day? And he is my cousin, so...



IMG_0871 Tessa waiting with the rest of us for the beautiful couple to come out of the temple.


IMG_0940 It was a breezy day and Vanny was just trying to keep the wind out of Gavin's face.


Some beautiful Zinnias on Temple Square. It was a perfect day for a wedding.


Erin and Bill


Grandma & Grandpa, Julianna (exchange student from Brazil), and Britton


Aunt Vicki (mom) and Grandpa


Uncle Dave and Britton

Merry Christmas!

December 2018 (Cliff’s notes version:  Merry Christmas, we love you all, and have a happy New Year!) Dear Family and Friends (...