Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too long without pink in my life

This morning before Isaac went to school (he has afternoon kindergarten), he and I took turns taking pictures of the babies.  He did a wonderful job minus the pictures of the smoke detector and ceiling fan, but even those had a certain abstract appeal.  Last weekend I had to buy the babies some more cloths for their very fast growth patterns, and I particularly liked these two little outfits.  Pink, sometimes I can’t get enough of it.  After all, I have been deprived of it for almost 10 years!  Sorry if you who view this blog get tired of my picture taking addiction, but I can’t help myself!  Besides, this is the quickest way to get pictures to the grandmas and grandpas Smile.

IMG_5399 [640x480]

Baby bunny grandma H. gave the babies at birth.

IMG_5401 [640x480]

Isaac-man loves the bunny ears.

IMG_5414 [640x480]

Miss Miri may have a career in mascara modeling.

IMG_5415 [640x480]IMG_5416 [640x480]

Miss Izzy is our sometimes serious one unless Isaac walks into the room, after which spontaneous laughter ensues.  Lately, she has actually started bursting into laughter for no apparent reason at all, a funny wall maybe?  Hair pulling, especially mine and Miri’s seems to give her a great deal of pleasure and entertainment, much to the distress of the pull-ees.                                            

IMG_5421 [640x480]IMG_5426 [640x480]IMG_5436 [640x480]

How many chins do you have?  I win, I win!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Start ‘em young

It’s nice to know you have an influence over your children’s likes and dislikes to a point, even beginning in utero.   As I sat doing something on the computer, I set Miriam on the floor to play.  I’d originally given her a little yellow giraffe to play with and thought she’d be content.  She rolls, not yet crawls, to any place she’d like to get to.  I don’t know where I’d placed this particular book, but it was somewhere on my floor in rolling distance and she’d found it.  Pride and Prejudice, a favorite book and film of mine, had it’s introduction to her subconscious long before leaving the womb. 

already a fan

This particular book that she’s seen holding in this photograph, is a making-of-the-movie guide that came with the DVD collection.  Look at how intently she stares at it.  “There’s something familiar about this book, these characters, this film” she thinks as she stares at the handsome Mr. Darcy.  I don’t’ know how many times over my life time that I’ve delved into the land of Miss Austen, but I do know it’s probably a shameful amount and a good deal of it probably happened while pregnant.  Thus, how could either of my daughters have escaped a liking for the work.  My boys, on the other hand, fear it, protest it, and flee when the mere words, “I’m going to watch Pride and Prejudice if you don’t go do your homework,” are uttered.

Izzy smiles

This is Elizabeth last Sunday afternoon, looking at me thinking, “hey, mom, why don’t you put that movie on that we all love so much?”

Now, for the Monster, monster, moster, Pinewood, wood, wood, wood, Derby, derby, derby, derby


I didn’t actually attend the event but got to hear about it.  It was of the opinion of some that some people’s dad’s helped their kids a bit more than they should have with their cars…eh-hem.  Something to do with liquid graphite, weights, etc.  Next year, oh ya!



Last year’s model on the left came for the photo shoot. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” -Arabian Proverb

Mama’s Losin’ challenge

4.) 10 Reasons Why I Could Never Be Friends With…(fill in the blank)

…Delores, my other personality.

1.  She has the messiest house ever!  You should see her floors, you’d think she’s raising a bunch of Hanzel and Gretels by the number of crumb trails found throughout her house.  I wonder if they ever found their way home with that many trail heads.


2.    She’s got the foulest mouth ever!  Well, she actually sticks to one particular word that she says is a family favorite.  I wonder if she’s got a crest somewhere that says something like “In Crapola nos Fides,” with a gigantic picture of…

3.  She rarely cooks for her family.  Every evening I’ve been over there I see her pulling out several boxes of cereal and letting her kids pick which one they’d like for their appetizer, main course, and dessert.  All three usually end up being large bowls of Coco Crispies.

4.  She has no clue how to get her kids to regularly brush their teeth!  She threateningly says stuff like, “your teeth will fall out if you don’t, or do you want to look like a pirate when you get older, or cavities hurt.”   They usually reply with something like, “cool!” Just thinking about it makes me want to run to the bathroom, brush, floss, then brush and floss once more and maybe down a couple swigs of mouthwash.  Can you swallow that stuff?

5.  She rarely trims her finger or toenails.  I don’t know when the last time she had a manicure or pedicure was.  Every time I go over I half expect her to be strangely contorted in an arm chair trying to get her toes up to her mouth so she can bite the nails off.  I’m sure she could find toenail clippers if she could just follow one of those crumb trails.

6.  She has absolutely no sense of style.  Just the other day I saw her wearing the same pants she was wearing when she was pregnant with her twins, a shirt that has a pattern of baby barf resembling something by Jackson Pollack, and sandals with white socks.  When she actually does dress up she looks like something the 90’s coughed up, with the color teal, puffy bangs, and a plaid scrunchy.  Stop trying to tuck in your t-shirts honey!

7.  She’s got a serious diet Coke addiction.  I know her blood is probably a bubbly brown color that fizzes whenever she gets a paper cut.  I bet she’d try to steal one of those IV thingys from the hospital and hook up a regular drip system if she could manage to hide it in her sweat pants.

8.  She has the messiest bedroom I’ve ever seen!  The state of her unmade bed would definitely send Martha S. into sheet folding hysterics.  She doesn’t even bother picking up the pile of dirty laundry next to her bed but has started picking her outfits from it’s mountains based on matching stains and aromas.  Your tags go in the back dearie and that purple stain is not a recently discovered polka dot on your shirt!

9.  She couldn’t keep a minivan clean if her life depended on it.  It’s like she asks those kids of hers to drop everything they’re holding and to make sure it smells like pickles, BBQ sauce, or ketchup before they do so.  A few more of those crumb trails have come to dead ends in the back seats only instead of seeing lost children weeping in despair, hers are in fits of laughter trying to see who can get the most M&M’s to land in the cup holder opposite their side of the back seat.

10.  And now, the absolute reason I could never be friends with this woman is that she’s friends with me.  Who would ever want to hang out with someone so tidy, fresh breathed, lacking the stomach to use the “s” word in dire situations, so stylish, so clean car-ist, so pedicured, and above all, so stressed-out!  As if!

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

Monday, January 17, 2011

“Heaven lies about us in our Infancy…”

Tonight, at around 10:35, my niece who was born at 23 weeks last week will be 5 days old.  Her life is a miracle.  She is so beautiful with the tiniest yet most perfect fingers and toes.  She has blond little eyelashes and eyebrows and dark hair on her head.  The other night, when they let me touch her, I put two fingers very gently on her knee at which time she decided to “knee” those two fingers.  She wiggles often in her warm little temporary home and charms to tears all who see her.  Because of her fragile situation not many can see her, 4 in fact, besides her mom and dad.  Luckily I am one of those and will post pictures and my experiences when I can.  Erin and Bill will be posting updates, pictures, etc. on their blog very soon.  That will be a good place for people to track little Julia’s progress:

You never know which path life will take you on (or drop you on), so I guess we’d all better become a bit more malleable and ready for adventure.  I know that it’s easy to get stuck and crack under the disrupting tendencies of change. But I think we miss so much and so many opportunities for growth and joy if we won’t flex a bit and give into the more beautiful form life is trying to take on. No matter how much time we have with Julia, which I believe will be a long time, I know that each day is a privilege and a treasure for all of us.  Julia will be Erin and Bill’s little girl for all eternity no matter what, I know this.  She has already captured, and will always have, our love.

She is doing quite well and much better than expected.  At birth she weighed 1 lb. 4 oz. and was 11.5 “ long.  The nurses and doctors in the NICU are wonderful and a great help to the parents who are daily in there bonding with their new babies.  Please keep her and her parents and family in your prayers.  I know it will make a difference.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


R2-D2, or should we say R9-D9

Mr. R and Mr. D. have gone and turned 9 with the littlest of effort. I know it’s taken a lot of effort on my part for them to have actually made it to this age, but they’re here and all limbs and digits are in tact. 

On Saturday we took them to the theater to see the latest Harry Potter movie and then on the actual day we feasted on some chocolate flavored R2-D2.  They’ve been working with minimal effort to earn a Wii throughout the year and have gotten half way to that point.  So, we decided that if they wanted to get the wii and only the wii for their birthday we would swing it.  So, at last we have our first ever purchased video game.  I am an anti-video-gamist so this was a big step but at least with the wii I’ll never find my children in a semi-hypnotic borderline comatose state while sitting in front of the television.  Of course, that’s how they usually find their parents at around 10pm with a tired baby on each one’s lap, but that’s a completely different thing.  The parents don’t even need a tv to stare at, just a blank wall will induce such a state.

IMG_5290 [640x480]IMG_5303 [640x480]IMG_5304 [640x480]IMG_5305 [640x480]IMG_5311 [640x480]IMG_5315 [640x480]IMG_5316 [640x480]

Merry Christmas!

December 2018 (Cliff’s notes version:  Merry Christmas, we love you all, and have a happy New Year!) Dear Family and Friends (...