Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh the Wookie, the Orc, and the mummy can be friends…


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Sports and Dance camp, kind of.

Go Cougars!

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This pride in BYU athletics was due to the BYU vs. Idaho State, which fortunately, was a win for BYU.  We made it a living room tailgate party which included buffalo wings, nachos and cheese dip, caffeine free diet Mtn. Dew.  You see Reed doing a half time commercial advertising the beverage.  Though we can’t see the label, at least we can see that there are zero calories on the nutrition label.

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Tu-tu Time!  Mommy made us tu-tus to go with our Halloween costumes.  This was a fitting and we liked the new look very much.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dop Stooing that!

This evening, Isaac had been just as naughty as I could handle for the night, and while he lay sprawled out on the living room full of giggles, I came and stood over him trying to give him my most serious of looks.  The words I said didn’t make much sense because, besides mixing up the first letters of my words:  “Dop stooing that!”, I also stood next to both Miriam and Elizabeth who were imitating my exact stance, legs slightly parted, arms folded, and also looking down at Isaac.  As a result I got more giggles from Isaac, a few from myself, and decided on a new strategy which meant calling everyone to dinner. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

If you give a baby a bonnet…

My pioneer girls walked, and walked, and talked, and talked, and made messes, and more messes, and were just cuter than anything in this pioneer/1800’s style hat.

IMG_8771 [1024x768]

Maybe I can call her Miss Elizabeth Bennett now?

IMG_8781 [1024x768]

Miss Miriam had her curls popping out the side, in the style of the era.

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IMG_8800 [800x600]

This is Elizabeth’s favorite game on the planet.

“They must wait till her brain is set to right”



While in the midst of their usual before-bed brawl, Isaac ended up as the one who “tripped” and hit his head on the wood footboard of his bed.  I was of course angry that they had been fighting and, in a few choice words, insisted they go to bed at once.  Furthermore, as they were looking for their pillows, I told them the dangers of head wounds and how someone could get seriously hurt.  I carelessly threw out words like concussion, coma, brain damage, paralysis, etc., then gave them kisses good night and took the wounded Isaac upstairs for an ice pack.  He just had a bump on the skull and no signs of concussion but those words I threw out came back to him and he started crying thinking he was going to die.  Oops.  I assured him that he was o.k. and that I was just letting them know the kinds of things that can happen when little boys rough-house too much, especially around large pointy pieces of wood furniture.  Douglas, who was also concerned, came up and wanted more clarification into what all of those words meant.  He also told me that it was time for us to get them a book on medicine.  Either I’ve got a hypochondriac in the making or a future doctor.  I’ll have to look into that kind of book but one that is 9 year old appropriate which lightly touches on other more sensitive subjects.  I’m not ready for certain talks especially with illustrations.  That must be a sign of some sort of immaturity on my part, but that talk is just not happening yet.  Thanks to some dinosaur documentary they watched, Reed refers to the term “mating” when discussing baby animals, etc.  I don’t know how much he grasps but… Ah well, the lesson to be learned from this experience is use words like “owie” instead of brain damage, and “boo-boo” instead of paralysis. 

Merry Christmas!

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