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There's a Bad Guy under our couch!

Isaac now has a toy that is officially named "bad guy".The other day he woke up and his first question was "where's the bad guy?'I guess the "good guy" must always be on his guard when there's a bad guy on the loose.This bad guy gets put on time-outs, often.Yesterday when I was about to use the microwave, I found the bad guy sitting in there awaiting his sentence.Fortunately, for the "bad guy" and the well being of the microwave, the executioner couldn't get the power or radioactive phasor going.Thank goodness for the safety button which was previously implemented by the “good guy’s” superiors?

This is actually the "bad guy's" 2nd in command. The actual bad guy refused to get out from under the couch, afraid of being in pictures, and no doubt up to something bad.

Dr. Minivan in Pink Pajamas

O.k. well, Isaac and I are still in the PJs we wore last night, and actually, Isaac is still in the cloths he wore yesterday, oops. Well, it's cold outside, nobody has surprised us and come over for a visit, and sinfully I've been reading too much.I had to finish a book, but that “finish” line didn't come early.How's 3 am-ish? It was a good book though.Chris, the kind and wonderful husband he is, charitably got up with the boys, got them dressed, fed and got them off to school before I even noticed.When I finally made my eyelids assume the “awake” position, I saw Chris standing over the bed with an Egg McMuffin and a medium diet coke.That's when I knew he had gotten up and gone somewhere and it wasn't just to the bathroom.Sleep must start becoming a priority in my life.But that's hard to do when your "me" time doesn't start until 8 or 9pm. Speaking of time, the time spent in a minivan with children can be very educational.I don't know if…

The Monkey meets Capt'n Crunch

Pops! The next best thing when the mom has forgotten to bring home Capt'n Crunch to start out a 6 year-old's morning.

Looking good Reed! This look should last for about 1 hour of church.

Look! Two new teeth and they're coming in crooked! But they are still so cute.

That's a nice way of stretching one's arms.

"See what mommy planted last spring? It's green and it's alive! Ewww, that could be kind of gross."

Well, I often talk about my boys, but have gotten out of the habit of taking pictures of them and posting them on my blog.You may have started to think I keep them safely stored in a closet and that I bring them out only for special occasions, like dinner, homework, or Star Wars reenactments.No, they really are here, and are to some degree open-range children, moo.Maybe not as open-range as a neighbor boy named Comanche, who every day at about 3:45 will give our front door a fierce pounding and then an earnest pleading for someone to play with…

Bad eating habbits: The real cause of global warming

Our living room currently has a lingering noxious cloud of vomit scent thanks to Isaac and his strategic placement of certain odor causing particles.He is fine and was jumping around gleefully between each purge.Unfortunately, Reed and Douglas, as well as their mother, cannot get past the smell.It lingers in their noses and consumes their every thought so much that their knowledge of nature and its olfactorious ways have been deeply explored.During one of those colliding trains of thoughts, Douglas observed, while getting in bed last night, that" penguins aren't that lucky."

What?There is always a basis from where these thoughts come, so in order to find out the reason for a baby penguins lack of luck I inquired.He told me that it's “because when they are sick their moms have to throw up in their mouths."
I thought he was going to mention something about the theory of "global warming” or that they happen to be the favorite dish of the leopard seal.A…