Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sun Bathing

Sun-bathing.  Does it count as sun-bathing if all your doing is hopping in out of a baby pool, jumping on the trampoline with a sprinkler on, and splashing in muddy puddles?  The term sun-bathing sounds so much more passive of an activity compared to what goes on in our back yard.  Maybe sun-attacking, or mud-bathing, or skin-burning.  Whatever it’s called, the final result is wet, smells gently of dog, and after a bath, gets a thick slathering of aloe.

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“Hold all my calls mom.  I’m a bit busy.  Oh, and where’s that lemonade I ordered 2 minutes ago?  Hey, where are you going?  What are you doing pointing that hose toward me.  You wouldn’t!”

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My own pair of Jersey Shore “guidos.” 

These two boys can’t wait for puberty, so weird!  I think it’s the muscles and chest hair thing that really appeals.  What about the zits and the stench!?  Boys…They’ve got the stinky socks and feet down to an art already.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Waking up with bears in really big mines.

Wake up with alllll of your stuffed animals and your brothers making sure they really are all there.  Yep, they’re there.

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Piggy Tails!  She has enough hair!  Of course, her sister keeps using it like her own personal Miriam leash and she loses handfuls almost on a daily basis.

IMG_0113 [1024x768]

Elizabeth doesn’t quite have enough hair for anything more than a rag style all her own.  It may be similar to the popular do-rag, but Elizabeth’s is an original and I have yet to find the inspiration of this particular preferred head piece.  The only danger is when she choses her rag material from the nasty old rags in the laundry room, ack!


Kennecott Copper Mines

A giant whole in the ground which can be seen from space and now I’ve seen it from land.  My life is complete, I am whole, I can go on…I wonder if I can be seen from space?  This had the air of a geology field trip, one of my favorite kinds by the way.  All one really needs to have the full attention of 3 boys is a big hole in the ground, rocks, and permission to throw.  We still did alright even though the last requirement wasn’t allowed. 

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Breaking, locking, and popping…ouch!

Douglas is in a hip-hop dance class….hip-hop…hm.  O.k. I didn’t really know what all it entailed other than I have a blast watching him do it!  I’ve included the definition of this dance form per Wikipedia’s giant Brain, It.  It said…

Hip-hop dance refers to dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, and popping which were created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States.

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The pre-performance staging.

IMG_0325 [1024x768]

The seat in front of me was empty until the last moment when a lady with the biggest head sat in front of me.  I’m probably known as the lady with the biggest head to the person sitting behind me so…maybe it should be a title of honor since the flash that reflects from ones over-exposed head will gleam eternally in their photo.

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Their teacher is the one on the far right.  His name is Jesse and according to the kids, is way up there on the cool scale.  He made it to Las Vegas on that show So You Think you can Dance.

IMG_0333 [1024x768]

Douglas is the one an the far left.

Another Photo Diary…Dear Diary, Today I saw the most disgusting…

The Math and Science Olympiad

Douglas and this smart-girl-I-can’t-remember’s-name, competed with this puzzle block challenge called Soma Cubes.  They did well, coming in at 2nd.  It was fun watching them focus so hard and get all jittery as the time ran out.

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And they turned two…

Right as the calendar hit the 13th day, I could hear Mr. Terrible drop off his luggage in the hall and start wandering around the house, knocking over stuff, drawing on walls, and hurling diapers as he hollered, “I’m here!  Where’s my room?”  Ah, Mr. Terrible and his box of Terrible Twos, oh my!  I sure hope he can manage to keep them contained!

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Cousin Brooklyn with the gun, not one of the gifts, or at least not this year.

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Ho-hum…leg, arm, teeth…I know all of these body parts.  When are they going to move onto monkeys or doggies?  To have a library fit for 2 year olds, one has got to think beyond one’s own species.

IMG_0248 [1024x768]

Body Part books or books on over-indulging.  You pick.

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A pool, a pool!

We got a pool for our birthday!  Oh, and a big pink ball!  (squeeeeellll!!!!, highest note you can think of on the piccolo, ouch!  It even hurts to think about it).

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So, why do we have  to just eat in these chairs?  Why not acrobatics?

IMG_0296 [1024x768]

The Thinking Cap…lost in thought.

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IMG_0311 [1024x768]

Reed and Douglas joined the Jet’s Junior Pee Wee football team and were instructed to walk around in their uniforms every once in a while, or at least the helmet and shoulder pads.  They prefer the whole deal and keep asking when I’ll take them shopping for cups.  What do you mean, cups?  We’ve got a cupboard full.  Yes, dad can help in that department.

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