Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can I sit on you? Do you mind?


IMG_0079 [1024x768]

What a wonderful big brother!  How often does one get to be used as a bench and dining table all in one setting?

IMG_0083 [1024x768]


IMG_0091 [1024x768]

ZZZZZ nap hazzzzz ended.

IMG_0100 [1024x768]

Why am I awake?  Where are Izzy’s pants and diaper?

IMG_0104 [1024x768]

If you could see over to the far left of this picture you would see a very adorable naked bottom lying on those very nice curtains.  Oh, and that curtain has been mysteriously moistened.  Probably a troop of sweaty gnomes.

Merry Christmas!

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