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Cantaloupe Orange and White Stripes

A while back, grandma H. brought this adorable puppet up for us.  Let’s just say, if this puppet had been a cat, it would have died of suffocation long ago.Reed’s a wonderful big brother and will do anything to get a giggle out of his sisters.Sorry, the poses were too similar to not acknowledge.  The the first one makes one feel a little nauseated.  The second one is beautiful and makes me smile big time.“My sister and I have just been introduced to forks.  Novel idea, yes, novel.”“Why does everyone else get to play outside all of the time but not us?!”Maybe that’s not cantaloupe orange but I have no other word for it.

Bed head

It took me till about noon to finally comb out this piece of hair design.  Fabulous darling!“Finally!  Mommy is taking us out for a walk.  Boy do we need the fresh air and so does our mommy!”“Hmmm…what does that cloud look like?  A bottle?  No, I know, it’s a remote control!”


They’d been asleep for nearly two hours when she carefully and silently turned the knob on the door to their room, then holding her breath, slowly let it open.  All that could be heard were the gentle snores, or snore-letts if you’re a baby, of the little girls asleep in their cribs.  As usual they’d kicked off their blankets and their little bare legs lay vulnerable to the cool air that their mother kept running constantly in the hot summer months.  Still holding her breath, she tip-toed in with the stealth and silence of a cat before the pounce.  The oldest twin, Elizabeth had her blanket wrapped around her leg in a manner that meant it wanted to stay where it was.  Becky tip-toed around the room in search of another blanket, then gently lay it on her girl.  Inhaling, at last, she turned to the other twin, Miriam and luckily only had to pull the kicked off blanket back over her.  All was well and all she had to do was carefully tip toe out of the room and shut the door behind her.  …