2016 Williams Christmas Letter, the long version.

December 2016
Dear Family & Friends, (Unabridged Version)
Know that you are loved and that we wish you a Merry Christmas and a productively happy, and/or happily productive, New Year.  As I am just starting this epistle a few days before the postal service goes on vacation, there is a chance this will come after the holidays.  Just think of it as an opportunity to keep on being “merry,” per my belated letter’s request. At the moment we are all healthy, and are being kept that way thanks to the magic of vitamin C, and luck.  With the many opportunities given kids for collecting infections to be brought home for the sharing, I am amazed we don’t all have variations of colds, flus, bacteria, and viruses, not to mention lice and fleas.  There are times when I wish my kids would just keep all contact with the rest of the world to the elbow-to-elbow tap (see the movie “Young Frankenstein”). I, Becky, am going to give you some sort of an update on our family. As a kindness, I did ask my kids…
Here's a picture of the first of my three boys, Douglas Williams, to become an Eagle Scout. We are so proud of him; for his hard work in learning, applying his knowledge, and taking an active part in making a better community. For his Eagle project he, along with the help of his scout troop, cleaned out and worked toward repairing a C-130 airplane at Hill Air force Base, done in preparation for it to be converted and used as part of a classroom. He has such an awesome troop and fabulous leaders. I am so thankful for all who have helped him work toward this achievement.


How we spent last Friday and Saturday...So productive of us!
Salsa (adjusted 2015 version) Here's the basic salsa recipe we use (the way we make it, we get around 17 pts. per batch):
About 35 Roma tomatoes, peeled, cored, cut into chunks (enough to fill a 2 quart pitcher after they've been cut up and some of the juices drained). Vegetables:  2 medium onions, chopped (chop fresh, don't store) 5 stalks of celery, chopped into small pieces 1  red, orange, or yellow bell pepper 4 T. cilantro, chopped (we add more, because we like it) 3 12-oz, cans tomato paste (prefer Hunt's brand) Your choice of chilies 2 c. vinegar (we prefer the apple cider vinegar) Spices: Prepare beforehand in separate baggies or cups for ea. batch 3 T. salt 1 tsp. chili powder 2 tsp. cumin 1/2 tsp. oregano 1/2 tsp. black pepper 1 T. sugar Juices: 1 Lime juice (from 1 whole lime) 1 T. lemon juice
Chili Pepper Prep: Slice & seed w/ gloves.  Place in a large bowl and coat with olive oil and sprinkle c…

Family Vacation, at last!!!!!

I have not blogged for an ETERNITY, so here I go!
After at least 11 hours on the road, we finally got down to see the family and the beach. Oh, how I missed the smell of salt water and that cool breeze that comes from the ocean! Yes, I swam but those pictures, along with the Loch Ness monster ones, have been long lost. Each kid had their favorite day and activity. Mine was the beach, Mr. I loved picking raspberries, the girls weren't sure if they liked the beach or swimming in aunt Heidi’s pool most. We all got sunburns and for some, in some not so fortunate places. I finally bought a back scratcher to reach the itchy stage of the burn. It's not polite to ask anyone standing near you to scratch your back, or at least that's what I've heard. It's nice to be back, but I still wouldn't mind owning a beach house, hut, or sand castle. We didn’t make it to Disneyland this time as such a trip would cost us at least a thousand dollars with the 7 of us.  That’…

2014 Christmas: The Annual Narrative

Merry Christmas!

December 9, 2014
Dear Family, Friends, and People who receive this due to an incorrect address, Merry Christmas!
I must admit, this holiday has snuck up on me, and the hiatus between Halloween and Thanksgiving didn’t even seem to happen. All I can say, is I’m grateful for the ability to do a lot of my Christmas shopping on-line. I am haunted by hopeful lists to Santa from children who think they’ve been good enough to deserve iPhones and pet dogs. We realized it was time to remind our kids why we celebrate Christmas, and that it’s not a holiday about getting, but giving and remembering Christ, and to live by the example he has set for us. I suppose it’s my fault for putting off commercialism earlier in the year, when hearing “Will you get me…” such and such? And answering, “Wait until Christmas.” So, Chris and I have been doing our best to bring them back to Earth. Chris’ work and some other companies are helping out refugees from Sudan and other children in n…

Merry Christmas! And how things really are…

A while ago, I was teased about presenting a picture of how we really look as a family.  Pre- primped .  Here’s our…uh…realistic photo and family Christmas letter:(Note from Editor:If you have glasses, find them now).A Novella, “A Christmas Letter” by the Williams Family Published by the Williams Family, Inc., Copyright © Dec. 2013 (just kidding about the copyright, it was just fun to write.) This year I thought I’d experiment with perspectives and short stories in Christmas letter writing. I’m going to experiment with 3rd person omniscient, but because I said “experiment”, this may end up being a bit of 1st person, some head-hopping, 2nd person, or a whole chorus of varying and conflicting points of view. Where was I? So, let us begin. Prologue: The year was 2013, their elevation 4,449 ft. above sea level, and the temperature a toe-tingling 20 degrees F., when the Williams family sat to recollect the past year and to decide what to, or what not to, reveal. If they were to package the…

Halloween 2013: Tooth Decay Day!

This was the first Halloween in which Miriam and Elizabeth actually took an active part.  They properly walked with their bags in hand, held mom or dad’s hand and knocked on doors.  They almost mastered the traditional greeting, “trick or treat” but the one thing we hope to teach them by next year, is that after we knock, we do not let ourselves into their houses.  Ah well, they were cute enough that no offense was taken.A Wookie, Duct Tape Man, and Pirate Black BeardThese three boys had a great time and came home loaded with potential cavity tools.A pair of woodland fairies, or at least that’s what we decided they were.Isaac and his good friend CameronThis year, Isaac gave a half hearted attempt at dressing up.  He just wanted to hurry up and get trick or treating.  Where is the proper respect due to this ghoulish holiday?