Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween 2013: Tooth Decay Day!

This was the first Halloween in which Miriam and Elizabeth actually took an active part.  They properly walked with their bags in hand, held mom or dad’s hand and knocked on doors.  They almost mastered the traditional greeting, “trick or treat” but the one thing we hope to teach them by next year, is that after we knock, we do not let ourselves into their houses.  Ah well, they were cute enough that no offense was taken.


A Wookie, Duct Tape Man, and Pirate Black Beard

These three boys had a great time and came home loaded with potential cavity tools.


A pair of woodland fairies, or at least that’s what we decided they were.






Isaac and his good friend Cameron

This year, Isaac gave a half hearted attempt at dressing up.  He just wanted to hurry up and get trick or treating.  Where is the proper respect due to this ghoulish holiday?

Merry Christmas!

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