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2016 Williams Christmas Letter, the long version.

December 2016
Dear Family & Friends, (Unabridged Version)
Know that you are loved and that we wish you a Merry Christmas and a productively happy, and/or happily productive, New Year.  As I am just starting this epistle a few days before the postal service goes on vacation, there is a chance this will come after the holidays.  Just think of it as an opportunity to keep on being “merry,” per my belated letter’s request. At the moment we are all healthy, and are being kept that way thanks to the magic of vitamin C, and luck.  With the many opportunities given kids for collecting infections to be brought home for the sharing, I am amazed we don’t all have variations of colds, flus, bacteria, and viruses, not to mention lice and fleas.  There are times when I wish my kids would just keep all contact with the rest of the world to the elbow-to-elbow tap (see the movie “Young Frankenstein”). I, Becky, am going to give you some sort of an update on our family. As a kindness, I did ask my kids…