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The Spider of Shalott

Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge(Click on link if you want to join the weekly challenge)2.) Show and Tell using your favorite Halloween home decor.
The Spider of Shalott (a slight deviation from Tennyson’s original, sorry).There she weaves by night and dayA magic web with colours gray.She had heard Black Widow say, A curse is on her if she stayTo look down on Webelot.She knows not what the curse may be,And so she spinneth steadily,And little other care hath she,The Spider of Shalott.1.) Show your spooky side.  Well, this is actually my 4 year old son, Isaac’s spooky side.  More encounters with “the guys.”  For some reason unknown to me, Isaac loves to play with, launch, freeze, humidify, and torture, “the guys.”  The guys are a collection of about 7 plastic action figures who undergo more than any plastic toy should in a simple day.  I have talked about these unfortunate pseudo members of the family before but I thought it appropriate to show a few pictures of the gruesome-ness for Halloween…

That Girl

Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge3.) Write a poem describing who you are and/or who you are not.  (note:  Not very poetic, but consistent)I am the girl who never liked New Kids on the Block.I am the girl who played the clarinet in marching band.I am the girl who listened to Mozart on her drive to high school.I am the girl who couldn’t finish a mile in under 11 minutes.I am the girl on the swim team who rocked at the back stroke.I am the girl who wore ribbons in her hair even when her German teacher made fun of her.I am the girl who slipped in her new penny loafers and fell on her face, cracking her new 8 year old front tooth.I am the girl who still cannot text message to save her life.I am the girl who loves her husband Chris and her 3 beautiful sons.I am the girl whose favorite color is plaid (yes, it’s a color).I am the girl who will lovingly (sometimes patiently) watch Star Trek/Star Gate/ and Battlestar Gallactica with her husband.I am the girl who will never skydive unless the plane is …

“None shall pass…” without some entertainment issues and the latest-greatest cold.

I vowed, late last night as I drove home from the hospital, that I would never again go to the ER unless I was being taken in by an EMT on a stretcher or if I had body parts that were hanging off of me in unnatural ways (mine, not other people’s body parts, I would just wipe those ones off and leave a note for the body part gatherers).  Yesterday, I had a shooting pain starting at the upper part of my chest that then shot down my left arm, making it go numb.  I’d had a bit of high blood pressure recently and was a little worried that it might be something a little more serious.  So I went to the after-hours instant care up the street.  After describing my symptoms to the nurse, she said she wouldn’t treat me and that I had to go the ER right away.  All I really wanted her to do was check my blood pressure and she wouldn’t even do that.  So, off I go, without a cell phone, iPod, book or any other source of entertainment to the most boring, the longest, and the most germ infested place …

Did Ironman have older brothers?

It’s the lonely children who have the best imaginations.  It’s the child left at home with boring mom while the exciting older brothers are off at school, who create worlds where mommy’s best pillows are landing pads for superhuman children, and where action figures can be held for ransom, bound in unbreakable brown yarn.  (I’ve never paid up but have been forced to provide said yarn on pain of headache if not coughed up in an expeditious manner).  It is this kind of child who imprisons his Ironman action figure in a Ziploc baggie and calls him frozen cotton candy.  It is this same kind of child who, when asked to deliver a plate he had apples on, tells you that he ate the apples and the plate.  It is this adorable child who, after his confession of eating my plate, leaves for a moment and comes back with the plate saying that he got it out and hands it to me for washing.  And finally, it is this child who thought it would be fun to run, like Dash, down the hallway at full speed and …


Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary and I happen to have a couple of wonderful pictures of them on the day of their marriage.  Don’t they look adorable?One thing I’ve always loved about them as a couple is how they openly express their love for each other.  We, their kids, know that our parents love the other and that they both want is what is best for the other.  I too hope that my children know that I love Chris.  An example is the best teacher of all and love in marriage needs to be one of the most important lessons we teach our children.I love you mom and dad!  Thank you for your fine life and example and the love you have given your family.  You are still both sooooo cute!

A Domestic, book-reading, quilt-making, diorama-cutting, pie-burning, Diva!

Ta-dah!  (this feat will not be repeated until apple seasons starts anew, in a year or two).In the recent past I have been accused of being a book-a-holic  and today I feel it is time to prove that I have other qualities.  Though I am not cured of my reading addiction, I can now put a book down on occasion and do things like turn the oven on, cut paper, and sew through my fingers. Helping the boys with their reflections projects. Making quilts for the new cute little twinzies.You know what, show and tell is fun.  Next time I’m going to show you my Spiderman action figure!I hate making pie crust by the way…“Yes. Yes, I did it. I killed Yvette [the crust]. I hated her [it], so much... it-it- the f - it -flam - flames. Flames, on the side of my face, breathing-breathl- heaving breaths. Heaving breath...”--Mrs. White (the movie Clue)

Babies…the two for one deal. It’s great, and I oughta know.

I finally got to get a better peek at Mike and Melissa’s new baby twins.  They are beautiful and how perfect to have a girl and a boy!  Melissa looks a lot less miserable now that they are out but still has some recovering to do.  Surgery and child birth both in the same night!  Now that’s multi-tasking in every sense of the word!