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Pudding and Cheetos! What are you guys feeding your kids?!

As you can see by this video, our kids are getting a balanced diet. Dairy: pudding; Carbs: Cheetos.
You may have noticed the caffeine free diet coke on the table, that is of course a part of the low sugar diet, you know preventing cavities and hyperactivity. For some reason we don't seem to be getting the positive results promised by all the experts. To put the grandparents minds to rest, he does like healthy food too. He eats the tops off of the trees (broccoli) and corn on the cob, a real favorite. Reed and Douglas also eat an occasional good meal whenever I can tear them away from their staple of P.B.J.'s and cereal. We made the mistake of mentioning the intestinal reaction that comes with the consumption of legumes, or in other words, beans and gas. I took Douglas to the grocery store yesterday for some one-on-one time and while were going down the canned foods aisle he spotted a can of chili and loudly asked while we passed another shopper: "Do beans make yo…

I seem to have been tagged, so here we go...

4 JOBS I HAVE HAD*BYU Info Operator*Life guard at Raging Waters*I can’t remember exactly what I did, but it was at a commercial airline parts company and reminds me a lot of the show The Office with its set of Michaels, Jans, Pams, Jims, and Dwights.*Accounts payable/receivable at an ambulance company, you can call me “Temp.”
4 MOVIES I CAN WATCH OVER AND OVER…*Pride and Prejudice (A&E version loyalist)*The Court Jester*Lord of the Rings*Harry Potter movies
4 PLACES I’VE LIVED…*Rancho Cucamonga, CA*Lansing, MI*Tokyo, Japan*Vienna, Austria
4 TV SHOWS I LOVE*The Office*Law & Order: SVU*As Time Goes By*What not to Wear
4 FAVORITE FOODS*Chocolate*In-n-Out cheese burger*Oriental Chicken Salad*Enchiladas
4 WEBSITES I VISIT DAILY*bank site*email*Blog land*Martha Stewart
4 PLACES I’D RATHER BE RIGHT NOW…*Alaska*Hawaii*Vienna*Switzerland
*Jeannette N.*Kim H.*Gavin J.
I'll take a bowl of Hot and Humid with a side of Humor
It’s been so hot and humid here that sitting in the shade and having water splashed on you doesn’t really help.So, when dinner time came and I had absolutely no motivation for cooking, we decided to live on the reckless side and go out for dinner and justify it by calling it “family night”.Lessons of sorts were learned in the process and we are all a bit wiser from the experience.It started when Reed chose an unknown item from the child menu, ribs.Douglas stuck to his usual, macaroni and cheese and Isaac had mandarin oranges and fries.When Reed’s meal arrived Douglas looked at as if he were checking out some strange bug captured in a jar, with a certain amount of hesitance.He asked, what is that?We told him they were ribs.After a moment he asked in an uncertain voice, but loud as usual “whose ribs are those?”We not only laughed, but the quiet man eating alone near us burst out with laughter.Douglas’ perspective on life is very …


Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout...

With the warm weather comes new life in the form of bugs. There is a great awareness of their presence expressed in squeals, ooos, and aahhs! Isaac finds them intriguing but will scream if one gets too close. Except when it's an ant. I think confronting ants is the first step to a wider world of wiggly worms and wet willies. Oh, wonderful. He now thinks it fun to squash them with his finger. Now that the lightening bugs are coming out one can only imagine his excitement. I remember when Reed was 2 or 3 and how he would bring me bugs he found. I didn't know it was a bug he was handing me until I felt the offering move in my hand. He once caught a live fly in a window sill and by the wing. An unsuspecting fly, oh my! Grandpa Williams was the lucky recipient of a live spider. A really gross bug I've only seen out here is called a house centipede. It looks like a long spider with tons of legs, and kind of hairy. Suppo…

Let's play "Chest"!

Reed and Douglas have been begging us to teach them how to play “chest” (chess) for some time and I finally got it out and had Chris teach them. I think the last time I played chess I was in Junior high. They had a great time, even though Chris had to coach them the whole time. They kept asking “what can I do so I can kill someone?” I guess they’ve got the spirit of the game.

Douglas just graduated from preschool. It was very cute to see the kids perform for us all, singing songs and reciting poetry. I think it’s kind of funny that they do a graduation for preschool. I wonder if they do that for all the grades. I only remember graduating from high school and college. Though, one does have to accomplish quite a bit to get out of preschool. One has to do the following:
• Be potty trained
• Learn not to fight with others
• Learn how to take turns
• Learn not to run in the hallways