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Grandpa Stilson’s 90th Birthday!

A trip down to Orangeville to see these wonderful people was definitely worth it!  Chris’ grandparents and all of his family are such good people and I feel blessed to know them.  As usual, I had to relearn everyone’s names, this being a challenge as Chris definitely has more cousins, aunts and uncles than I do.  We stayed the night in a hotel, swam in their indoor pool, and slept…well, I know my kids did.  The twin girls actually took turns not sleeping and I think I managed 3 hours.  Oh ya!  That’s why we don’t go anywhere, I forgot.  We only managed to have one professional barfer on this trip and we were even able to catch one of the mementos, thanks to Douglas’ attentiveness, in a Maverick cup.  At least we didn’t have to make the long drive from our house to theirs early in the morning.  We visited Price’s dinosaur museum which I thought was very well done, especially the part with the brachiosaurus bones sprawled out all over the floor of the central part of the museum. We all …