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Strawberries…what a delectably juicy and delicious fruit! The very smell of strawberries (and watermelon) creates instant memories of summertime and picnicking. On Friday, which happened to be the first day of summer, the boys and I went strawberry picking with some friends. After about an hour of picking we gathered 8.5 lbs of strawberries. By that time my back was killing, my fingers were dyed red, Isaac had squished several plants, berries included, the minors had all consumed a plethora of their pickings (how do you pay for those?), and Reed was ticked off at the plants that were poking his legs.  See the result of our hard work!  If you come over you may taste it too!

Look at them [640x480] 

15 jars of strawberry jam!!!  I feel so domesticated, even pioneer womanish!


Anonymous said…
Mmm...that looks yummy!
Deanne said…
Mmm, sounds good! Where did you go strawberry picking? I think I need to go too!
Melisa said…
Yummy! I want to go! Where did you go?
Natalie said…
Dear Martha,
How does a regular, stay-at-home mom like me become a master canner, writer, and photographer like you? When will your first issue of your totally self-produced magazine hit the newsstand?
Jane of all trades, master of none

I love the photos and the jam looks delicious. You're amazing!

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