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Another Ice Age

“Insanity now!”Can you believe it?  It’s 36 degrees here in South Ogden and is supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow.  “I have no response to that.”(Sorry about the crooked picture.  Too early in the morning for proper balance)


I am now the mother of twin 1 year olds, again.Happy 1st Birthday to my baby girls!I know people are always shocked at how quickly their kids grow, but I am mega shocked!  How in the world did they turn 1 already?  My babies are now in the year category of age counting.  In rebellion I will keep referring to them in their month age, hey, maybe even weeks.  Yes, my daughter is 120 months old, and no, I will not do the math for you.Introduction to  cake 101Not quite sure about the cake, but the frosting was completely gone in the end.The Party Animals!  A post cupcake picture, obviously._________________________________________________________________________Two conversations in which mommy was quite entertained…(Mommy watching Reed as he sneakily takes something off of the shelf and heads outside)Mom:  What do you have?Reed:  Can’t I just keep one secret to myself?Mom:  No.Reed:  Well, this one I’m keeping to myself.  (and hastily leaves the room.  Mom does not pursue, too busy laughin…

Mawiage, not a funeral, is what bwings us togever today.

Here are just a few of the pictures I took along with my lovely assistants Tessa, and my friend Christi, at the wedding.   Thank you so much for your help ladies!!!The wedding of Dani and Michael Scott Thomas.The ring bearer is starting to wonder when Michael is going to heft Dani over his shoulder and run down the aisle.Mr. and Mrs. ThomasWaiting for the festivities to begin or for this stroller strap to start tasting like mashed bananas.Mr. Isaac practicing his well behaved smile.Families who rarely manage to put official reunions together find that they are unified by either weddings or funerals.  Perhaps if we could manage annual reunions nobody would die or get married!The camera crew.<

The Exodus and a wedding

Trip to So. Cal.We got back yesterday from our exodus to California and, at times, it felt like we too were with Moses taking the 40 year route.  The poisonous serpents sometimes showed up in the far back seats.  The cure was getting out once in a while and letting them run wild.  Our main purpose in going down was to attend my youngest sister’s wedding, Dani, to her adorable Michael.  It was all very nice, but like any major event, one needs a recovery period and we chose to spend a relaxing day at Knott’s Berry Farm and a stroll on the beach.  We practically walked onto most of the rides and, as you can see from Douglas’ familial gesture, quite easily mingled with the staff.Come on Douglas, snuggle in just a little bit closer.Salty pretzels, yummy.  Thank you aunt Jodi.Wild-haired Miriam.  Almost as silly as Tickle-toed Elizabeth.Grandma giving Isaac a well needed squeeze.A rapid river left us all looking like we couldn’t find the restrooms in time.Wild little lady!  Appropriate, co…