I'm it! Yes, I've been tagged and it's probably because I'm so slow or couldn't find my shoes fast enough...So, here are 6 of my many quirks, or quarks?

My awesomely shaved and manicured friend with a very organized closet, tagged me and this is the result, thanks Natalie :)

1.  I don't know if this is a quirk or a pet peeve, but I hate finding dirty dishes in the sink, especially the side with the garbage disposer.  It's like an instant turn off.  Whatever romance that in some domesticated female's life may have existed in the chore of doing dishes, for me, instantly dries up on such a sight.  By the way, if I were to turn my head to the left by 45 degrees I'd see such a sight, so I guess I just won't look that way, "out of sight, out of mind."

2.  I'm a 'complete' book series-ist.  I've decided that I cannot read a book or start one in which the author has not yet finished the series.  It's just plain annoying not having closure when one closes the book.  I thought I was safe when I started the Artemis Fowl books, and now I have to wait for another!  This budding conviction started after the 5th Harry Potter book and was solidified after reading the 3rd Twilight book.  A person can become unhealthily obsessed in anticipation of such books. (By the way, thank you Stephenie Meyer for making The Host one long satisfying book, loooooved it!)

3.  I always leave one little bite of food on my plate at the end of a meal.  Chris thinks it's cute, but I've wondered what the deeper meaning of it really is.  Maybe there is some latent fear of getting lost that leaves me feeling the need to leave bread crumbs wherever I go.  Even though I don't actually use them, it just might be the early stages Hanzel & Gretel Syndrome.


4.  I'm a furniture re-arranger (or a matter re-arranger if you want to get scientific about it).  Actually, this really only happens when I'm pregnant (usually at midnight) or if I've watched way beyond my quota of design shows.  Also, I'm not actually the arranger, that's Chris, my loyal servant, who seems to be developing more back problems as the years go by, hmm... 

5.  I can fall asleep almost instantly.  All I need to do is lay my head on my pillow and within 5 seconds I'm gone.  It's happened in the middle of our evening prayers where I'm the one saying it!  It's even happened mid sentence, and yes, while I'm the one talking.  Chris will often find himself talking to himself when he thought he had an audience.  I have 3 reasons for these narcoleptic behaviors and they are all under the sleep-inducing age of 6.

6.  Words.  I find that I often use the wrong words, or forms of words in sentences. For me, to use the wrong word is almost as embarrassing as sitting on gum and walking around with it dangling on my backside for all to see (I'm embarrassed a lot). I never noticed this problem until after I started studying a different language, so I guess it's all the fault of my German classes.  My most particular hang up is where I mix up the words lay and lie.  I always know when I've used the wrong one after I've said it, and sometimes while I'm saying it.  This will often result in the creation of a new word like "laaayiii".  I've cautiously started using that new word instead of either of the real ones.  That way people will just think they have hearing problems and never realize my linguistic challenges.

Lacey, Heidi A., Brynn S., Melissa H., Jenn S., and Julie P.  you are IT!


Melisa said…
I think your interpretation of your quirks is the funniest part! ;)
Natalie said…
I agree with Melisa and thanks for doing that...it is fun to see what people think is quirky about themselves. I totally feel your word misuse embarassment, too, especially with lay/lie. Great minds think alike, huh? :)
Julie said…
Quark, isn't he from Star Trek??

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