Tuesday, August 28, 2007

They keep us laughing... hmmm, that explains the wrinkles!

"How do the little piggies eat? Snort, snort."

For dinner I made chicken enchiladas, and I must say they were very good. As Chris' dad puts it "it ain't braggin' if it's true". Anyway, as we all know, it is a challenge getting kids to eat even the best tasting meals, unless it's pizza or spaghetti (they must be Italian). So, as usual, we had our "just eat your food" battles throughout the meal, followed by all the threats that comes with our little "cold wars". Yes cold wars because we never actually follow through on our threats of "you can't leave the table until it's done", or "we'll save it and you can eat it for breakfast", or "no dessert if you don't finish". Guilt doesn't work even if we quote Ralphy's mom by saying "there are starving people in China!". I do love the line she says on "how do the little piggies eat", but that gets more laughter and spewing of food than ingestion.

So, yesterday Douglas kept asking what the dark stuff was on the bottom of the Enchilada. It was the more cooked part of the tortilla, no it wasn't burnt. I actually like that part and told him that it's the best part. Douglas, realizing he had heard that before, asked: Why do they always make the part I don't like the best part? We had no response or even a good argument, we didn't make him eat that part.

Reed isn't one of those people who talks and talks, but when he has something to say,he takes a lot of thought on the subject and wants you to listen. His mind is always going, just like Douglas and Isaac. They are really taking in all they see and hear and trying to make sense out of it with their wonderful child perspective. Once in awhile, actually quite often, they say things that are so random, but so cute. This morning Reed was on a time out upstairs while Chris was getting ready to go to school. He quietly let himself off of his timeout to go brush his teeth. After that he went up to Chris and told him, "Daddy I'm sorry you have to hear this, but we're out of toothpaste." Wow, what thought and consideration, and to put it to him so gently. He knew daddy would have bad breath all day and felt pity for the poor man (more like his wife, just kidding).

Last days of a lazy summer...

Just one week until the first day of school, enjoy it while it lasts boys. Well, they, unlike high school students, are actually very excited for school to start. They keep checking the calendar for the 4th. We've been trying to correct any bad habits they might have that wouldn't be appropriate in kindergarten. We try this by saying your new teacher won't like it if you do that, so let's practice now. It kind of works, hey, I'll use it while it lasts. For some reason they hold what their teacher says and thinks in great honor.

These are the boys and our next door neighbors on the sides, Johnny and Jessica.

Isaac taking it easy.

Did you know there was a car under all that dirt?

Isaac is watching "choo-choo" trains on mommy's neck rest. I guess it makes a perfect 2 year old's arm chair. It's better than the boomerang the boys were making it into.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Look out for Mr. Stork"

No, I am not expecting. Today we were watching Dumbo and in the beginning all of the zoo animals are getting a special delivery from a flock of storks. The song that goes with it goes "look out for Mr. Stork…" Douglas, sometimes Mr. Literal asked "why do you need to watch out for storks? " A simple question. I asked him why he thought we needed to watch out for storks and he figured it's because they'll bite you or poke you with their sharp beaks. I yet again escaped having to go into details on how babies come. I've been pretty lucky in explaining how babies get out of my tummy since I had a c-section.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Short vacation, check.

Yesterday we got back from an overnight trip to Lake Michigan, perhaps our last trip before we leave Michigan next summer. Reed went around the house with a check list and a pencil tucked behind his ear making sure we had everything we needed. Towels, check. DVD player, big check. Swim suits, check. Very cute, yet very official. We stayed in Ludington again, as it has some wonderful secluded beaches, where a person who hasn't been doing her sit ups or visiting a tanning salon, could comfortably and non-publicly enjoy the water. Perhaps I should have gone to a tanning salon before we went. Children are so honest and Douglas couldn't help it, he had to inform me that it looked like I was wearing white pants with my swimming suit. It really did, but I wouldn't have said it that way.

On our drive home the boys noticed a fly that had hitched a ride in our van. We figured that he was just sight seeing, so we let him come along as long as he didn't bug us too much. Today we went to Target and that is where this fly decided to take his leave. We speculated on what a fly would shop for. Douglas said he would probably look for a toy air plane so he could fly it around. I asked if they thought he would shop for a fly swatter. Reed said no, but Douglas said that maybe the fly would buy one if he had a lot of really small flies flying around in his house. That makes perfect sense to me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

About me, well it is my blog isn't it? And there wasn't enough room in the official "about me" section.

Let's see, about me, me, me,… hmmm. Well what can I make up that you might believe. I started life out as a circus performer for the High Flyin' Flippers. I was the one who helped the monkey get on his saddle which was attached to the back of a greyhound dog. My other job was picking up the change found on the ground which would drop out of the acrobats pockets during something upside down. I finally moved up the acrobat's ladder after I could buy a leotard with that change I found on the ground. I completed my career in my new purple spandex as the acrobat who … I actually can't remember what I did next, you see I had a head injury sometime after I bought that purple spandex leotard.

All I know now is that I go by the name of Becky Williams and my memory tells me that I am the child of Gary and Vicki Hartvigsen. I got rid of those spandex and ended up marrying the adorable fire swallowing acrobat Chris Williams, and have had 3 kids since. Two 5 year old twins and a 2 year old, all boys. Before I met Chris and after my purple spandex, I loved to travel. I went to Japan and stayed with a family in Tokyo, then I traveled with my aunt and uncle to Europe for 2 weeks, and finally I went with BYU's German study abroad group to Vienna, Austria for Spring and Summer terms. College was a blast both at Dixie and at BYU where I studied Humanities, English, German and Art, oh and a little music here and there. I offered to teach a class in monkey dog-back riding but never had any takers. Though, if I were to go back for a masters degree or further education, I'd probably want to study more art, maybe along the lines of working in a museum as a curator. Another interest would be in the green world of gardening. For now, I'm studying aeronautics, arachnology, paleontology, and hieroglyphics (writing on my walls, most extraordinary markings). Can you believe that I'm actually still alive? It's amazing the stuff you have to know or find out as a parent! I get questions like "What's the biggest spider ever?" A. The Goliath spider, or bird eating spider and can be 11 inches across. " Which plane is faster the SR 71 or the F 14?" A. the SR 71. "What are the names of those spiky things at the end of a Stegosaurus' tail? A. Those are called Thagomizers, from a Gary Larsen cartoon: "Now this end is called the Thagomizer, after the late Thag Simmons." Future parents out there, start studying now, you will be tested for the rest of your life I am sure. All I know is this exam has been going for at least 5 years now.

Well, that's me in a fire swallowing, spandex wearing, Thagomizing nut shell.

"Nature! It's all over me! Get it off, get it off!"

The following pictures are from our ward camp out in the Waterloo recreation area. This first one is of the boys after a lovely night sleep in a tent. I asked them both what their favorite part of camping was and they said it was sleeping in the tent. My favorite part is when we got home from it all and got a shower, just kidding.

There was a like called Big Portage lake that had a long shallow shore perfect for little kids. Isaac was very much at home as were Reed and Douglas as they soaked in the warm water. Too warm for my taste, but like I said, perfect for kids.

Ahhh...just let me sit here and enjoy my mud and water. Just don't interrupt my fun.

Merry Christmas!

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