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Cheetahs made of Iron and Sith (C2Fe1Si2)

Halloween 2012We tried to remember when we stopped trick or treating as kids and I think I was about 12 years old.  I don’t mind older kids trick or treating as long as they have costumes on.  Maybe I was 13…hmm.Ah, how quickly they grow!  They finally managed it, I gave in and let them go trick-or-treating without me.  They survived the night but I’m sure they’re going to wake up with at least one cavity and “a sort of conceited independence.”  Reed and Douglas are the ones in the middle in case you didn’t recognize the Sith.  Isaac and his friend Cameron wound a different path around the neighborhood. Cheetahs!  A pair of costumes I had fortunately saved from when Reed and Douglas were little.  Something in my sometimes hoarding modes told me to hold on to both of those costumes and voilĂ !  I got to use them again!Do I have to wear the hood?Isaac and his friend Cameron._________________________________________________________More stuff dealing with life bereft of candy or costumes.T…