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Bottoms Up!

I was in the living room quietly doing some peaceful activity, like sleeping, when I heard that familiar sound of feet slipping down stairs. Reed had slipped down the stairs and was crying and angry with the stairs for their impertinence. How dare a stair do such a malicious thing? I came to the rescue with a hug and some comforting words.

Isn't it funny how the words of comfort often come by sharing our own painful experiences with the new victim? I told him how I had slipped down the stairs 4 times in our new house, thus the reason we installed carpet and padding on our stairs. I further informed him that if you're going to slip on the stairs that the best place to land is on your bottom because it is the squishiest part of your body. I then gave him another hug and looked over at Douglas who had been carefully paying attention to this lesson on how best to fall down stairs. He reached back and verified in a rather surprised voice, "it really is the squishiest part!"…

A Glimps into the Stone Age

Reed Douglas and Isaac just before mommy gives up and puts them down for the night.
That thing they're looking at on the ground is me by the way. "What's wrong with her? Her eyes are crossed and she has steam coming out of her ears? Cool!"

I picked up the boys from school today and ,at first, we met with the carefree joy found in a child after a day of learning.As we started to walk to the car I mentioned that we needed to hurry as we were on our way to the doctor's office for shots.Wow, if ever there was a dramatic turn of events, this was it.Reed even had a slight teary look in his eyes.I suppose to relieve his worry he decided to race Douglas to the car.Douglas made it first and of course did the "I won" dance followed by that most hated song, you know, the na-na-na-na-naaaaa!I think that tune, like salsa, can cause an instant release of acid from my stomach causing an intense reminder of the ulcer in my esophagus.It's also like one of those mod…

Dump Truck 2.0

"Read you me!"

Isn't that so sweet, reading to brothers, ahhhh...

Piggy Back ride, or horsey back ride, what do they call these? I just know that one of them came up to me afterward and wanted me to be "the pig", hmm.

This particular book has been read more than any other book in our house. It is called My Big Truck Book. You can imagine the plot, yes very intense, riveting, even bulldozing at times, zzzzzz.... We actually just had to replace this book because it was destroyed by an overzealous diaper. A certain young man likes to sleep on top of books, particularly any book with a truck in it. Tonight I convinced him that it would be better to sleep on his blue bear.

We noticed with the book replacement that we had gotten a new edition. There are still several pictures with different types of big trucks and what they are called. But to our surpise the "dump truck" as it was formally known, had been changed to "tipper truck"(kind of lik…

Days of Thunder, vvvrrrrrooooommmmm!

Thursdays…well I can't say much about them, but this one has been weird. In German the word for Thursday is Donnerstag, day of thunder. Isn't there a movie called "Days of Thunder" with Tom Cruise? They could have saved on ink by calling it "Thursday." I think it was about cars and coincidentally so was my Thursday.

It started this morning when I wanted to go walking at a park that you have to drive to. Right as I was about to leave our parking lot, I noticed that the paving machine was right in front of the exit. They've been redoing our road all summer it seems. The workers saw me coming and I rolled down my window and asked if I should just go back and wait. The steam was still coming off of the asphalt and I figured it was not a good idea to cross. The guy I talked to said I could go if I didn't turn my wheels at all. I asked if he was sure and he said I could go.

Well, I proceeded past the workers in a very straight manner. My windows…

"Feed the Birds..."

"...Feed the birds, tupins a bag, tupins, tupins, tupins a bag."It's a good thing Jane and Michael didn't witness what the boys were checking out in the middle of our parking lot.Chris took these pictures, after which I'm sure he encouraged them to stop playing with the dead bird and to sanitize their hands with bleach.Road kill, as my friend Jeannette remarked in her blog, is certainly more prevalent this time of year.When we lived in Utah the road dish of choice was usually skunk a'la stink and Racoon with a spoon.Here in Michigan it's Squirrel in a Swirl, mmmm…The swirl helps it to go down smoother.

I am so thankful for archaic bird prodding instruments.