An Exclusive: Contents of my refrigerator revealed!

Two happy babies, cooling their bottoms on the refrigerator’s floor, feeling quite content and like champions as they see their mom who has not yet removed them and shut the door on them.  “Nice lady,” one of them says, “how long do you think this will last?” asks the other.  “Not much longer, hurry, look extra cute so she leaves the door open for a few more minutes!”

IMG_8388 [640x480]

IMG_8392 [640x480]

IMG_8391 [640x480]

IMG_8393 [640x480]


The DeGiulio's said…
Haha love this post its so cute! Bailee is always so fascinated & crawls as fast as she can when I open the fridge so she can look inside.
Deanne said…
Archie loves the refrigerator too, but two little ones in there at the same time is beyond cute!
mommymuse said…
that is is the cutest thing! Gorgeous babies AND total personality. They must keep you on your toes!

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