Outside…outside…outside…why don’t my parents understand what I’m saying?

IMG_8479 [800x600]

These are the best thighs on the planet!

IMG_8487 [800x600]

This was the highlight of outdoor playing.  The hose, one of the most wonderful toys ever invented.  My water bill was…hmmm…painful, yes that’s the word.

IMG_8489 [800x600]

IMG_8493 [800x600]

Reed is a wonderful older brother, as are Douglas and Isaac, and loves to make his two little sisters laugh.  If a giggle is the payment, they will sacrifice their bodies for it.

IMG_8496 [800x600]

IMG_8498 [800x600]

IMG_8504 [800x600]

IMG_8505 [800x600]

Bath time.  This is what comes after what goes on in the previous picture.  Thank goodness for indoor plumbing and soap.  What you see on those plates was, within a minute, in the air or strewn about the floor and chairs.  Ants love our babies generosity.

IMG_8507 [800x600]

IMG_8516 [800x600]


Andrea said…
Oh yes, the ants are loving pou house lately, too.

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