Roses are red and Storm troopers are blue.

My English rose (forgot it’s real name, but that’s what I call it, and I make sure to use a British accent when I refer to it) and my Double Delight are looking fabulous today!  I have no recollection as to what that yellow flower is but I think the word “button” is in it’s title.


The picture below doesn’t have the same air of joy and serenity as the picture collection above but, this scene was also found in my garden and made me smile and even snort a bit.  Not a very lady like thing to do in front of the roses, but totally appropriate in front of one of Isaac’s creations.  Sarlacc got a good meal this afternoon.




Andrea said…
That made me giggle, too. Love those boys and their imaginations.
Welch Mom said…
Hilarious, I think you should make a series on all the action figures and where they end up!

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