They’re back! In school I mean.

Yes, this is the back to school picture and this year I actually managed to take the picture on the first day of school, not the third.  As a special gift to their parents, they all willingly showered.  Boys.

IMG_8550 [800x600]

IMG_8554 [800x600]

Reed and Douglas are now in the 4th grade and are on the other side of school, where the 5th and 6th graders are, and I think they think they are pretty cool now.  In this case, “cool” is actually quite literal because only their side of this building built in the 60s and the other part in the 80s (I think), has air conditioning.  Poor Isaac has to survive on oscillating fans and bottles of water for survival.  Poor 1st graders.

IMG_8557 [800x600]

Oh, Isaac just loves school now!  The highlight is recess and lunch!  He’s got a Clone Wars lunch box, so totally awesome!

IMG_8560 [800x600]


-Ang said…
School -deep sigh. I have mixed feelings about school starting. More freedom -absolutely, but homework -yuck -it's pulling teeth at our house.
Your guys are such cuties! Isaac is looking tall these days, and the girls -what darlings!
I'm certainly missing summer in Utah while here in the rediculous heat of Arizona.

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