Fish lake

I’ve failed my camera, my addiction, my large selection by not taking my usual million pictures on this vacation. Really, when I got home and looked at my pictures from our trip to Fish Lake, I was stunned to see so few. I suppose watching 3 wild boys and 2 one year old babies is a bit much to balance and I wonder now why I even tried to take pictures at all? It’s a miracle my camera wasn’t dropped into the lake and taken over by a troop of paparazzi fish looking for that million dollar picture that would at last get them out of their current fishing hole and into an unknown thriving fish community stocked with power bait with no strings, or hooks, attached.


IMG_8403 [800x600]

We had a great time even with the monster storms during the night.  I must brag that I made the BEST Dutch Apple Crisp one of the nights, mmmmmmm.  

We were all thoroughly filthy in the end but glad for the time spent with the fam. (Jared & Rhi Family, My fam. minus Chris, my mom and dad, aunt Jodi, and our friend Juliana from Brazil). 

IMG_8407 [800x600]IMG_8408 [800x600]

IMG_8419 [800x600]

IMG_8436 [800x600]


IMG_8443 [800x600]

IMG_8427 [800x600]

In the end, I had to keep unloading various sized sticks from my car.  This place was awesome-stick heaven for the boys and they felt that they had to bring all they could, back.  There is still a vertebra of some creature in Reed and Isaac’s backpacks which I have not yet had the guts to remove.

IMG_8455 [800x600]

Lucy, with who knows what treasure of nature, wrapped up in her shirt.  Kids are awesome!

IMG_8456 [800x600]

Juliana from Brazil.  We are so glad she came.


Andrea said…
Seriously. Camping without your husband and 2 one year olds? Mother of the year award!
The DeGiulio's said…
Fish Lake looks beautiful. Where is it at? Im impressed with your picture taking you have quite a few kiddos to take care of.

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