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“What?  Doesn’t everyone look this adorable right after a nap?”

This week Chris is in San Francisco for a work conference and I am alone with my kids in South Ogden for an insane asylum exam and I am passing and graduating with honors.  I have no clue, absolutely none, how a single mom does it.  All I know is, they ought to be granted Knighthood, not Ladyhood because they never seem to get the same amount of credit.  Knighthood should be gender neutral, after all, we don’t call Elton John Lady…sorry…one can’t be responsible for politically incorrect statements while under the influence of several legal substances, 5 to be exact.  Maybe sainthood is a more accurate term in the case of the single mother. 

I don’t think this week would have been as bad as I’m perceiving it if it hadn’t been the first full week of school with loads of homework already.  One of my kids has a hard time focusing in class and so has to bring his work home to finish.  I spend 2 to 3 hours a night trying to keep him on task while hitting my own head against the table.  I don’t know why I do that, but it seems to help.

Tonight I did an idiotic thing and started canning peaches.  I bought a whole bushel today because I thought I might miss the season and they’d all be gone.  I didn’t know it at the time, but that thought was a subliminal message piped into my little brain by the insane asylum’s testing center and I fell for it.

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Well, I am off to make sure the three boys have actually climbed into their beds and aren’t on the floor playing with Legos.  After that I’m going to unwind by turning on today’s Netflix dvd, Chuck –very funny series so far, while I fold laundry.  I will then “forget” cleaning up my mess in the kitchen…maybe…and then go to bed.   I’ll let you know the results of my asylum test either from here or from my future cell.


mommymuse said…
Yeesh! Reading this made me tired! Give yourself a break, Ms. Superwoman! I hope you left the kitchen, went to bed, and had a wonderful drug-induced slumber! (Not that you use drugs to induce slumber; I do, therefore I tend to assume it works for others).

Peaches sound yummy....
The DeGiulio's said…
You have your hands full! Im sure you will be really happy once Chris is home. I just have Bailee & I always wonder how single moms do it. They are truly amazing! Especially the ones I always hear of that are going to school, working, raising kids etc. Those peaches look delicious! Canned peaches are my fav!
-Ang said…
I SO hear you on the homework thing!!!! That's how long we spend a night on homework with a certain oldest child too, and not only do I pound my head I also alternate with hair pulling and rubbing dents into my eyeballs ;].
I'll hang in there if you do :D. You're awsome!!

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