The Spider of Shalott

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2.) Show and Tell using your favorite Halloween home decor.

IMG_3033 [640x480]

The Spider of Shalott

(a slight deviation from Tennyson’s original, sorry).

There she weaves by night and day

A magic web with colours gray.

She had heard Black Widow say,

A curse is on her if she stay

To look down on Webelot.

She knows not what the curse may be,

And so she spinneth steadily,

And little other care hath she,

The Spider of Shalott.

1.) Show your spooky side. 

Well, this is actually my 4 year old son, Isaac’s spooky side.  More encounters with “the guys.”  For some reason unknown to me, Isaac loves to play with, launch, freeze, humidify, and torture, “the guys.”  The guys are a collection of about 7 plastic action figures who undergo more than any plastic toy should in a simple day.  I have talked about these unfortunate pseudo members of the family before but I thought it appropriate to show a few pictures of the gruesome-ness for Halloween.  In the last one, the poor pilot fell victim to, no doubt, some sort of cannibalism lurking in the potted fichus jungle.

IMG_3017 [640x480]

Winter Luke (Planet Hoth outfit) and Mr. Archer still ready for a fight, the first chance they get.  In a whiny voice Luke asks himself, “Why did I drop my light saber again?!”IMG_3018 [640x480]

 IMG_3019 [640x480] “Uh…anybody there?  This is really starting cut off circulation to my brain.  Hey, Mr. Moose!  Get back here!  You’d better pick that up before I fall in it.  Where’s that kid who tied me up.  Oh, there he is, putting Batman in the freezer again.”


Melissa said…
It sounds like there is always an adventure going on at your house!
panamamama said…
I am so cracking up at those pics! Mine around here always involve Lego people in the freezer. (Have to watch out if you get ice in a drink.)
The poem is great too! We are reading the same book!
Welch Mom said…
A pic is worth a thousand words and in this case this says volumes. Made my day!
Heatherlyn said…
You are so creative and talented!!!!

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