Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary and I happen to have a couple of wonderful pictures of them on the day of their marriage.  Don’t they look adorable?


One thing I’ve always loved about them as a couple is how they openly express their love for each other.  We, their kids, know that our parents love the other and that they both want is what is best for the other.  I too hope that my children know that I love Chris.  An example is the best teacher of all and love in marriage needs to be one of the most important lessons we teach our children.


I love you mom and dad!  Thank you for your fine life and example and the love you have given your family.  You are still both sooooo cute!


Brenny said…
Great pictures. I totally agree. Having your kids know that you and your spouse love each other is very important! My parents used to get all goopy and kissy in the kitchen and we'd squeal and yell, 'Gross!' but we always knew they like and loved each other because they showed that affection.
Heatherlyn said…
Beautiful pictures! Holy cow ... your parents look so young. Because they were. And that means that someday people will look at pictures of me and my husband and say we looked so young, because we were. Which will mean that we are not quite so young any more. What a trip! Your parents made a beautiful couple!
I'm glad that they have stayed happy through the years. That is the goal of every marriage!
Melissa said…
Your parents are so cute! I might have to use the quote "An example is the best teacher and love in marriage needs to be one of the most important lessons we teach our children!" So True!
I love your quilts from the previous post-adorable!
I have yet to bake a pie so no matter what you do in the pie making department, it will be better than mine!
I LOVE the vintage pictures. One day we will be the subject in vintage pictures so I have always held much respect for these treasures. Such a cool post.
How is your applique coming?

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