That Girl

Mama’s Losin’ It Challenge

image3.) Write a poem describing who you are and/or who you are not.  (note:  Not very poetic, but consistent)

I am the girl who never liked New Kids on the Block.

I am the girl who played the clarinet in marching band.

I am the girl who listened to Mozart on her drive to high school.

I am the girl who couldn’t finish a mile in under 11 minutes.

I am the girl on the swim team who rocked at the back stroke.

I am the girl who wore ribbons in her hair even when her German teacher made fun of her.

I am the girl who slipped in her new penny loafers and fell on her face, cracking her new 8 year old front tooth.

I am the girl who still cannot text message to save her life.

I am the girl who loves her husband Chris and her 3 beautiful sons.

I am the girl whose favorite color is plaid (yes, it’s a color).

I am the girl who will lovingly (sometimes patiently) watch Star Trek/Star Gate/ and Battlestar Gallactica with her husband.

I am the girl who will never skydive unless the plane is about to explode.

I am the girl who can pick up dryer sheets with her heals.

I am the girl who will take a hot bubble bath over a bar of chocolate, unless we’re talking Swiss.

I am the girl who needs to get off of the computer and start making a Jedi cloak for her son’s Halloween costume.

Yes, I am that girl.


Heatherlyn said…
That's so sweet. I never liked NKOTB either and I still listen to Mozart. In fact, my kids also like the classical music radio station as much as the others.

Plaid can be a color! Good luck on the costume!
Deanne said…
That was fun to read. I never liked NKOTB either and I played the saxophone in marching band. I always liked band, except for the dorky uniforms we had to wear...
Anonymous said…
My son is a Jedi, too!

I never liked the New Kids, either. Bleh. I really liked your poem, great post.
Jeanette said…
Love this! Way to know who you are and to love it!
Mama Kat said…
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Mama Kat said…
Awwww, you sound like a great girl!

I was the girl who laughed at the joke the teacher made about your ribbons in your hair and I am SO sorry!!

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