Monday, October 12, 2009

Did Ironman have older brothers?

It’s the lonely children who have the best imaginations.  It’s the child left at home with boring mom while the exciting older brothers are off at school, who create worlds where mommy’s best pillows are landing pads for superhuman children, and where action figures can be held for ransom, bound in unbreakable brown yarn.  (I’ve never paid up but have been forced to provide said yarn on pain of headache if not coughed up in an expeditious manner).  It is this kind of child who imprisons his Ironman action figure in a Ziploc baggie and calls him frozen cotton candy. 

image It is this same kind of child who, when asked to deliver a plate he had apples on, tells you that he ate the apples and the plate.  It is this adorable child who, after his confession of eating my plate, leaves for a moment and comes back with the plate saying that he got it out and hands it to me for washing.  And finally, it is this child who thought it would be fun to run, like Dash, down the hallway at full speed and go splat on the wall. 

image Amazingly the padding on the suit (no not our walls… yet) saved him from certain injury.  Lonely children are the most creative, or at least the most innovative and with time have the best conversations with themselves, oops.  Sounds like mommy needs to start working on her fun-ness.


Natalie said...

Ha ha...I know what you mean. Poor Karli gets the shaft in the attention department and has an amazing imagination. Isaac is so darn adorable! I'm sure he wouldn't be thrilled to hear that, so I'd better re-state and say he is wicked cool.

-Ang said...

What a funny guy! I have an inkling as to where he gets it from :). Yea -Micaela definately seems to have more imagination.

Heatherlyn said...

My little guy plays well by himself too. I think your son wins the prize for the most creative!

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