Babies…the two for one deal. It’s great, and I oughta know.

I finally got to get a better peek at Mike and Melissa’s new baby twins.  They are beautiful and how perfect to have a girl and a boy!  Melissa looks a lot less miserable now that they are out but still has some recovering to do.  Surgery and child birth both in the same night!  Now that’s multi-tasking in every sense of the word!

IMG_3000edit [640x480] 

IMG_2998 [640x480]

 IMG_2993 [640x480]


Heatherlyn said…
What cute little babies! I cannot imagine carrying and birthing two! That sounds so tiring! And amazing!
Natalie said…
How darling! I love that everyone in your family has twins (okay...I don't know that for sure, but it seems that way :). Your quilts are uber impressive, too, and will be the perfect accessories for the sweet little ones.

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